Be guided by a professional screenwriter through the writing of a full screenplay

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This six-month writing lab offers writers community and the guidance of a professional screenwriter as they write a complete draft of a script for film or TV.  

It begins with a week-long workshop on campus, Story Structure & Character Development (Apr 29-May 3, 2019) and ends with a two week Screenwriting Retreat (Oct 13-26), during which the finished draft will be workshopped and revisions will be addressed.  In the intervening months, you will write your screenplay with the online community support of your fellow lab participants and every four weeks the instructor will react to your writing with notes and suggestions. If you are interested in working in shorter form, or learning how to write a TV script (e.g. a thirty-minute episode), the cycle will accommodate two drafts.

Writers wishing to participate in the lab should contact the instructor (via the registrar) for permission – [email protected]

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Instructor: Wayne Beach

Wayne Beach has written screenplays for Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, Sony, TNT, Village Roadshow Pictures, Wolf Films, and other studios and networks. His students have gone on to create box office hits and popular TV shows.

He recently created and wrote an original television pilot, American Dream, for Sony. His pitch for it inspired a bidding war between Showtime, FX, and WGN. He also recently finished an assignment adapting a novel for Identity Films, producers of The Old Man & the Gun.

His filmed screenplay credits include Murder at 1600 (Warner Bros.) starring Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane and Alan Alda; and The Art of War (Warner Bros.) starring Wesley Snipes. He wrote and directed Slow Burn (Lionsgate) starring Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mekhi Phifer, Jolene Blalock, and Taye Diggs. His directorial debut, Slow Burn premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was released in 1100 theaters by Lionsgate. He has written projects for the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean, Law & Order, House M.D., Ocean’s Eleven, The Perfect Storm, Total Recall, The Fugitive Platoon, and many others.