Find your audience! Guided by an accomplished podcast creator, learn how to develop and produce effective episodes from home.

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Note: This workshop will be held in a live, online format utilizing the Zoom platform.
Class meets for 5 Saturdays, Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 & Mar 2 from 10:30am-1pm ET + 1:1 instructor time by appointment.

Podcasting is intimate. It can be a chance to reach new audiences or have a new relationship with audiences you already know. In this five-week workshop, you’ll learn to conceive, produce, and distribute compelling podcast episodes from home. 

For writers and journalists, comedians and critics, scholars and educators, businesses and communications workers, and anyone who wants to understand the essential elements of creating and sustaining a podcast.

We’ll focus on the foundational steps in the creative process — thinking as an audio producer, honing a podcast concept, seeking out stories and being a good interviewer, and editing tape from wherever you are. We’ll examine formats, tools, hosting, booking guests, interview vs. conversation, sound design, publishing, marketing, making money, and much more.

Woman talking into a microphone during a podcast

Using classic podcast episodes as a guide, you’ll get a crash course in script writing, recording and interviewing, and editing your podcast like a professional using Hindenburg, Pro Tools Intro, or Reaper (available free or as a trial) Finish the course with detailed feedback on your own podcast idea and guidance on how to launch it.

Please bring ideas for a podcast you want to create, and be prepared to describe its audience and goals.

Students are encouraged to use a USB microphone (such as the Blue Yeti USB Microphone) and/or digital audio recorder if they have one (such as the Zoom H1n), but a smartphone will do for the purposes of the course.

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Instructor: Hans Buetow

Hans Buetow is a producer and sound designer who has worked with American Public Media, Minnesota Public Radio, and The New York Times. He has built, produced and/or sound designed dozens of audio projects including “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” (American Public Media), the Peabody Award-winning “74 Seconds” (Minnesota Public Radio), the investigative podcast “In The Dark” (American Public Media), “Modern Love” (The New York Times), and many others. He has worked in a range of formats that include narrative, chat, radio variety, actual-play, and role-playing. He likes to work with content that focuses on emotional intelligence, feelings, and personal lived experiences.