Learn how to create a professional portfolio website even if you are not a techie.

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This class will meet online, July 17th & 18th 1-3pm EST.

In this workshop you will learn how you can create a professional portfolio website even if you are not a techie. Artist and web designer, Sarah Berkeley, will introduce you to her framework for creating a portfolio website that reflects your artwork and speaks to your ideal audience.  You will discover how to develop a special site that will connect you with curators, gallerists, and critics without attending expensive events.

Many artists don’t have the budget to hire a professional web designer, and often, we prefer to design our own. This provides us with creative control over the design and we are able to update it without being dependent on a web designer.  This workshop will teach you new ways to steer your own career via a powerful online presence.

The art world is changing fast and there are many new ways emerging for artists to take charge of our careers and build the lives we want. Having a successful online presence will help place us at the center of the new art world we are creating.

But, where do you even start when building your website?
With the tech? Nope.
With your images? Not that either.

Artists with successful websites:
1. Have a specific goal for their website
2. Know their audience
3. Design
 their website to speak to that audience in order to achieve their goal.

Many artists skip these key steps when building their websites and end up with a site that is confusing for users to navigate, hard to update, does not reflect the professionalism of their work, and as a result, holds their career back.

In this class you will come away with:

  • Clear objectives for your website
  • A defined target audience
  • A strategic User Experience tailored to your target audience
  • A custom wireframe of your website
  • Familiarity with template website platforms
  • Ability to avoid common pitfalls artists make with their portfolio websites
  • Resources to help with tech side building your website
  • The ability to design a website that speaks to your target audience

Your workshop includes:

  • Worksheets for organizing your materials
  • A workbook on defining your target audience
  • Real time feedback on your work from a professional web designer
  • Sarah’s framework for navigating the web design process

Note: This workshop will not cover the basics of image processing, editing or sizing.

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Instructor: Sarah Berkeley

Sarah Berkeley is an efficiency nerd, web designer, photographer, and conceptual artist who combines her strategic thinking, tech and art skills to help other artists build creative careers.