Are you a new Mac user and interested in learning about the capabilities of the Apple platform?

There are no available registration dates at this time.

Note: This class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform.
Class meets Tuesday & Thursday, Apr 11 & 13 from 9am-12pm ET.

This online workshop is a simple introduction for new Apple users or people transitioning from Windows to Mac.

Through demos, tutorials, and a variety of online resources, students will learn the primary features of the Apple platform, its apps, and its accessories. Course content will be partially directed by the experience and needs of participants, but some topics will include the following:

  • Understanding the Mac Layout
  • Using the interactive keyboard
  • Using your Apple mouse
  • Using Finder effectively
  • Managing your files and documents
  • Using Applications
  • Intro to Safari, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar
  • Setting up E-mail
  • Using the App Store
  • Downloading Applications

Virtual courses are conducted via Zoom and are best experienced with a reliable internet connection, and the ability to configure your workspace to follow a Zoom session while using other programs at the same time. This introductory course is comprised of two, three-hour sessions.

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Instructor: David Allen

David is a seasoned designer with over 15 years of experience in digital printing, art direction, and book design. In 2018 he founded Render, ( a design and publication company dedicated to meeting the needs of small business and nonprofits. David has taught fine art and multimedia courses in art centers, professional workshops, and colleges. Also a practicing artist, he shows regularly in invitational, group, and solo exhibitions; his work was recognized in Maine Home and Design’s Annual Art Issues of 2017 and 2012.