A graduate from Goddard College’s MFA program, David’s creative pursuits range from work in graphic design and new media, to experiments in painting and sculpture. He is an avid artist and design professional, and has taught fine art and multimedia courses in both workshop and college environments.

A senior-level graphic artist with extensive experience in the digital printing and book design, David has worked in the various sectors of this industry for over 15 years. Starting out as an operator of printing and binding equipment, his work in graphic design gradually took focus, leading him to new experiences in design, creative direction, and project management. He is the former Art Director for Custom Museum Publishing and Maine Authors Publishing, where he served a wide array of partners and clients: ranging from high-end galleries in New York, to non-profit organizations and museums throughout Maine; from well-known celebrities, to local, self-published authors. In 2018 he founded Render, (renderpublications.com) a design and publication company dedicated to meeting the needs of small business and nonprofits.

He is a an active visual artist in midcoast Maine, regularly showing his artwork in invitational group and solo exhibitions, including venues, such as: the CMCA, the Farnsworth Art Museum, University of Maine, Asymmetrick Arts, and Fort Knox. A prolific painter with an equal hand in sculpture and installations, human relations with the environment often serve as a point of departure in David’s work, and abandoned spaces and post-industrial detritus are frequently central elements. He was recognized in Maine Home and Design’s Annual Art Issues of 2017 and 2012.

David lives in Appleton, Maine with his wife, Ruth, and their two daughters, Elana and Izraelle.