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Food is life. Most people think of food as something they need to pick up or grab from the local convenience store. For many, it goes with the question, “what’s for dinner?” For a select few, food is significantly more, it encompasses our daily lives; it’s something that triggers all our senses. Food photography brings food to life in a unique way where the photographer is fortunate to share their experience with a wider audience. This course is about capturing and sharing the visual experience of food. Through a variety of locations, the class explores the concept of Farm to Table and a handful of steps in-between.

Joe’s photography and teaching philosophy are that every successful image tells a story. We must go beyond solely setting out to capture an image by first understanding the subject and then deciding what we wish the narrative to say. Then, each tool in the photographer’s arsenal is employed to bring the image(s) to life. The class discusses camera skills and explores how to see and use light, utilizing natural light and balancing natural and artificial sources. After capture, images are edited using Adobe Lightroom to bring the photographer’s unique vision to view.

The course is structured for anyone who wishes to visually explore and share what food means to them.

All Images ©Joe Lavine

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Instructor: Joe Lavine

Joe Lavine is a photographer, educator, workshop instructor, and author focused on teaching and expression through imagery. As a professional photographer, Joe has spent roughly thirty years capturing the essence of food. These years of focusing on the details, which involved frequent experimentation and problem-solving, have made him an expert in understanding his subjects, digital imaging, and creative lighting techniques. Joe's clients include Coors, Betty Crocker, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Coleman Foods, Yoplait Yogurt, McDonald's, and Celestial Seasonings. Joe has taught lighting and digital imaging at multiple universities. During his time as the Manager of Educational Services at Profoto traveled across the US, giving lectures on lighting and the world of professional photography. He began teaching Photoshop version two in 1991 and Lightroom soon after its release in 2007. Joe is an Adobe Community Professional, Adobe Certified Expert, and Epson's Print Academy member. He is the author of multiple books on photography, including the 2019 release of Lighting for Photographers, An Introductory Guide to Professional Photography. Whether through teaching or writing, Joe's goal is to provide people the tools to achieve their goals in photography.