Working on personal projects & building a collection of images this weeklong workshop builds on your plate creation and hand-wiping skills while taking your Direct To Plate practice to the next level.

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This weeklong immersion is meant for people who have taken the beginning Direct To Plate (DTP) process and want to spend more time in the studio working on a collection of images. If you have other photopolymer gravure experience you can get a good deal out of this workshop as well.

Jeanne Wells - Gnossienne_no_10_Edge_of_the_EarthWe’ll focus on your personal projects and building a collection of images. By continuing to hone your plate creation and hand-wiping skills, you will be advised on the best options to take your DTP practice to the next level. 

There will be a review of both contemporary and historical options, the addition of color via ink or paper, and working with multiplate images and multiple plates in a single print. Techniques taught will be more focused on your work specifically.  Most of the time will be spent reinventing and reprinting previous plates or making complementary plates for a series.

Troubleshooting and problem-solving are always a part of these workshops. It is recommended for those who have worked with Jeanne in the past: either privately, in the 2021 workshops, or in the beginner’s class earlier in 2022. If you have other experience, please contact Jeanne directly to see if this is a good fit for you.

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Instructor: Jeanne Wells

Photographer Jeanne Wells was born and raised on the Maine coast, where she has lived most of her life. She studied literature and writing at Lesley College in Cambridge, MA. Wells uses all forms and formats of cameras. She is self-taught in film and darkroom work, and has also studied wet collodion with Mark Osterman and Keliy Anderson-Staley. Well’s work is collected and exhibited internationally.  Over the years she has been published in many contemporary photo magazines, has been awarded a merit prize from Black and White magazine, and has been a top 200 Critical Mass finalist.  In 2018 her work was features in Polymer Photogravure, by Clay Harmon. Jeanne teaches and works at her studio, Things of This World Press, in Aroostook County, Maine. Her early life in both music and poetry continue to influence and inspire her visual work.