Learn how to make meaningful images consistently and make strong, memorable visual statements.

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Many photographers have serendipitous moments when a great image is captured. To be able to regularly and consistently achieve meaningful images is a significant goal.

This week-long course will take you through the all-important process of going beyond concentrating on your photographic equipment, and developing your potential to make personal and powerful statements with your photographs. As a verb, to deliberate means to study and contemplate a concentrated course of action; to think carefully or attentively. As an adjective, the term deliberate also means carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional. Applying your visual voice to the vocabulary of photography will energize you to make your personal statements, more impact with your images, and more effective communication using visual media. All elements of the components of this creation, from perception before capture, through the creative moment, selection, and post process will be considered and explored.

We will capture the surroundings beauty of the visually rich environment of Maine, and have daily reviews/examinations of the results. Using the process of whittling the selects, we will discover the essence of what’s important to each of us as visual communicators, and then explore post processing techniques to solidify and finish images. We will also cover color/B&W ideas as it applies to our vision. The development of this process will grow confidence and enable you to make strong and memorable visual statements. . . your statements.






All image credit ©Steven Inglima




Past student work (left to right): Nancy Rich, Charlotte Fletcher, Deborah McLaughlin, Joseph Michael

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Instructor: Steven Inglima

Steven has worked for, or as a consultant to; Nikon, GMI Photographic (Bronica, Sea&Sea, Philips, Paterson), Konica Digital Cameras, Megavision (digital backs), Horseman (Large Format), Schneider Optics, B+W Filters among others; and traveled internationally for these manufacturers. In 2004, Steven was selected to be the administrator of the Explorers of Light program for Canon USA, coordinating the sponsored activities for 80+ professional photographers and printers. This included guiding their equipment choices, and assigning their lectures at trade shows, trade organizations, museums, galleries, camera clubs, etc. It remains one of his greatest honors to have formed lifelong relationships with many of the Explorers of Light, among of the most talented photographers and cinematographers in the US.