Discover the photographer you envision yourself to be, with award-winning photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

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Building a vision in photography is not the same thing as completing a project. Going the distance means giving encouragement and support to the photographer you see yourself becoming in the months, years, and maybe even decades ahead. In our workshop, we will seek to discover and build on your visual tools: what you see, how you frame, what you include, what you exclude; themes of empathy, irony, joy, the terrors and pleasures of the surreal, the sweeping, the iconoclastic, the down-to-earth, a wide array of the building blocks of photography’s history and contemporary practice. Whether starting afresh or expanding work already in progress, it’s with a renewable consistency —always different, always the same / never predictable, but surprisingly familiar—that we go the distance.

While this course provides multiple group learning opportunities, it is also tailored to each individual. Participants will receive personal guidance to develop their unique vision.

Oulujärvi Afternoon Paltaniemi, Finland, 2009 - By Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Image Credit © Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Oulujärvi Afternoon Paltaniemi, Finland, 2009.
Tree Climber, Fosters Pond, 2022 by Arno Rafael Minkkinen.
Image Credit © Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Tree Climber, Fosters Pond, 2022.
Image Credit © Arno Rafael Minkkinen. New City, New York, 1971
Image Credit © Arno Rafael Minkkinen. New City, New York, 1971
Image Credit © Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Maroon Bells Sunrise, Aspen, Colorado, 2012

Students need to bring their own laptop computer for this course and be comfortable managing their files. Students should also bring along the following: A blank sketchbook, a piece of writing–poem, fiction, or essay, and five photographs that are connected by a thread to be kept secret until mid-week.

All images © Arno Rafael Minkkinen.
Header image: Maroon Bells Sunrise, Aspen, Colorado, 2012.

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Instructor: Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Arno Rafael Minkkinen is a Finnish American photographer, essayist, curator, and  Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Lowell as well as docent at Aalto  University in Helsinki, Finland.

Major monographs include Waterline (Marval, Aperture, and Otava, 1994), winner of the  Arles book prize in 1994; SAGA: The Journey of Arno Rafael Minkkinen: Thirty-Five  Years of Photographs (Chronicle, 2005); Homework: The Finnish Photographs (Like, Ltd,  Helsinki, 2008); and Minkkinen (Kehrer, 2019), winner of the German Photo Book Prize in  Gold for 2020.

Collections include the Musée d’art moderne and the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris,  the Musée de l’Élysée in Lausanne, the Musée Nicéphore Niépce in Chalon Sur Saône, the National Gallery of Finland, the National Gallery of Art in Ottawa, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, among many others.

Minkkinen continues his passion for teaching workshops, writing, and extending what is one of the longest running, non-stop, self-portrait bodies of work in the history of photography. A screenplay is in the works with a Finnish producer, a project that got its wings from two Wayne Beach workshops at Maine Media.