Spend a week with master director Allen Coulter (THE SOPRANOS, BOARDWALK EMPIRE) and get an intimate view of his process.

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NOTE: This class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform.
Class meets Mon/Wed/Fri 1-5pm EDT

REGISTRATION NOTE:  As this workshop is intended for advanced or master level students, during registration kindly submit a resume or a statement about your experience as a professional or as an advanced student. Documents may be attached to your registration or emailed to [email protected]

For directors and filmmakers who want to enter into a master director’s process as he comes together with key collaborators to achieve the overall vision for a production. The week will combine lectures, scene analysis, screenings, and director Allen Coulter in conversation with visiting collaborators as the class examines the planning, casting, shooting and editing of scenes and sequences from his acclaimed body of work. One of today’s most celebrated television directors, Allen has directed groundbreaking shows like THE SOPRANOS, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, SEX AND THE CITY, NURSE JACKIE, DAMAGES and SONS OF ANARCHY. Students will explore how to make the choices that bring a unique point-of-view to the direction and filming of a scene. You’ll learn how to think outside of the box and identify the elements that can amplify a scene’s power in bold and unexpected ways.

The first session will be devoted to exploring Allen’s approach to preparing a project and analyzing scenes from his work.

Emmy-winning cinematographer Jonathan Freeman, ASC (BOARDWALK EMPIRE, GAME OF THRONES, SONS OF ANARCHY), will join the class midweek, allowing students to get an intimate view of how Allen and Jonathan collaborate in preparing and shooting a scene. On the final day, students will observe how Allen approaches the dynamics of editing and post-production when master editor Kate Sanford, ACE (BOARDWALK EMPIRE, SEX AND THE CITY, THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL, THE WIRE), joins the class and they discuss their collaborative process in sharpening a scene’s focus and emotional impact.

Throughout the week there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. You’ll explore the dynamics and nuances of scene coverage and point-of-view, the motivation behind camera moves, and how Allen communicates with cast and crew to get the most out of each. Case studies and screening of scenes and sequences from his body of work will shed light on how unconventional choices can amplify dramatic impact.

The class will also examine a director’s career path and the practical realities of the industry.

This extraordinary opportunity to spend a week with one of today’s most accomplished directors will transform your understanding of the director’s art and craft.

In addition to scenes analyzed in-class, students may incur modest streaming fees to watch assigned episodes and films outside of class.

This workshop may be taken on its own or as Week Four of the Four Week Directing Intensive

NOTE: As this workshop is intended for advanced or master level students, kindly submit a resume or a statement about your experience as a professional or as an advanced student. Please note that the registration form has a field where you can attach a resume or enter a statement into the ‘comments’ field. (You may also email [email protected])

Image Credits: Tor Rolf Johansen, David Martinez

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Instructor: Allen Coulter

Allen Coulter is one of television’s most celebrated directors best known for his work on the groundbreaking series THE SOPRANOS, BOARDWALK EMPIRE and SEX AND THE CITY. He has launched a significant number of iconic shows, directing the pilot episodes of NURSE JACKIE, SONS OF ANARCHY, DAMAGES, and RAY DONOVAN, among others. Other credits include HOUSE OF CARDS, GET SHORTY, LAW AND ORDER, VINYL, RUBICON, SIX FEET UNDER, THE X-FILES, EXTANT, and the new Apple TV series FOR ALL MANKIND. His feature films include the Golden Globe-nominated HOLLYWOODLAND starring Adrien Brody and Ben Affleck and REMEMBER ME starring Robert Pattinson. He received five of his seven Emmy nominations for THE SOPRANOS, having directed a total of twelve episodes for the landmark series. He was also nominated for four Director’s Guild awards as well as numerous other prizes including the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion. His producing credits include RAY DONOVAN, THE SOPRANOS, VINYL, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, EXTANT, CIVIL, RUBICON, NURSE JACKIE, and DAMAGES.