Go deep into intention as you travel on your photographic journey

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Do you have a practice for your art? Or maybe are you ready to strengthen and tweak your process? If you wanted to play the flute at Carnegie Hall, you would not just show up and say, here I am? Instead, you would set up a practice schedule, which could be daily or weekly; after all we eat 3 meals a day, we create routines with many other activities in our life. We would be intentional, and if we don’t clarify our practice, or process or our intention, how do we get where we want to go? It is like a road map, needing us to head in the general direction of where we want to go? If we don’t we probably would be chasing our tails and ending up confused and frustrated. That has happened to most of us at one time or another.

It is important to explore, play and listen to what our images are telling us.

We will take this journey together as we strengthen our creative process.

Going deep in intention as you travel on your photographic journey, which will become your personal expression.

The class will meet every morning for discussions, assignments and critiques. We will learn how to hear how our images are speaking to us. The afternoons are a time to photograph the beautiful locations of the Maine Landscape. At the end of the day, we will have time together for debriefing and post-production. Some of the new tools you will learn from a clipping exercise with other’s images to help us understand our work deeply, as we will delve into our creative process and practice.

This is for all levels of students who want to get deeper clarity with their creativity and practice, and process.

This workshop is for infrared, black and white, color and iPhone shooters. 


“ In order to be creative you have to know how to prepare to be creative. “
– Twyla Tharp



All Image Credit ©Laurie Klein

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Instructor: Laurie Klein

Laurie Klein gained acclaim and recognition as an infrared and black and white portrait photographer photographing the female form in the environment. She has her BFA from RIT and her MFA from OU. She has been teaching for more than 30 years, and her work has appeared in hundreds of publications and numerous gallery exhibitions.

Laurie has authored 4 books, including Hand Coloring Black and White Photography, The Female Form with Digital Infrared and co-author of 2 editions of Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images. She is working on a new book of hand coloring in the digital age.

Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications and has a life-long record of gallery exhibitions. She has been teaching for over 30 years.