Guided by Richard Reitz Smith, create beautiful painted papers and learn the art of constructing unique drop spine boxes and clamshell presentation cases.

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Drop Spine Box with Dividers - By Richard Reitz Smith
Drop spine Box with Dividers – By Richard Reitz Smith

During this weeklong, in-person workshop, we will explore and construct multiple 3D enclosures! First, we will make a few models to spark your ability to think in the third dimension by taking 2-D diagrams and creating them in 3-D.

Then we will make coverings for our creations: Paste paper, marbling and painted surfaces. These are integral to finishing the structures to make them uniquely your own. This will be a quick station-to-station day of painting on paper surfaces. From this practice, you will have plenty of options for final coverings with book cloth pairings.

Paper Samples - By Richard Reitz Smith
Example painted and marbled paper, by Richard Reitz Smith

Next, we will take your basic models to the next level. By seeing a simple 3 or 4 sided box and book cover as a module, we can make nearly infinite combinations of structures. With a few adjustments, you can turn that model into a drop-spine box and then into a clamshell presentation case.

Clamshell presentation case, By Richard Reitz Smith
Clamshell presentation case, By Richard Reitz Smith

Then go even one step further to add dividers for multiple compartment trays and multiple trays to make stacked boxes.

Box Tower - By Richard Reitz Smith
Box Tower, By Richard Reitz Smith

This is a great companion course to Dawn Surratt’s class “Photographic Objects, Advanced Techniques” or any workshop or project that you want to elevate the final presentation.

All images by Richard Reitz Smith.

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Instructor: Richard Reitz Smith

Richard Reitz Smith is the Book Arts Program Chair and Studio Manager at Maine Media. He is an artist trained as a graphic designer and excels in marrying traditional techniques with modern technology in the pursuit of all forms of book arts and letterpress printing.