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Dario Cecchini, the most famous butcher in the world.

Led by nationally known and acclaimed food writer Nancy Harmon Jenkins, this is an intensive five-day class that requires a major commitment of time and energy from all students. 

Much of the greatest food writing (think M. F. K. Fisher, Patience Gray, Gabrielle Hamilton, Edna Lewis, George Orwell, and many others) is based on memory, evoking past meals, past kitchens, past encounters with cooks, chefs, farmers, fishers, cheese- and wine-makers, grandmothers and other legendary characters; sometimes these are happy memories, filled with delight and deliciousness, but frequently the memories are fraught with difficult emotions. Together this class will explore some of the finest examples of the field, what makes them work (or not) and what they can teach us for our own writing. Students will be expected to write for at least three hours (not necessarily all at once!) daily and to exchange writings for critiques from classmates and from the class leader.

Applicants should submit a three-page example of their own writing, or, if preferred, a proposal for a project to follow throughout the course.

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Instructor: Nancy Harmon Jenkins

NANCY HARMON JENKINS is the author of eight or nine cookbooks (as well as of a novel and a major study of Ancient Egyptian boat-building), the most recent of which is The Four Seasons of Pasta, written with her daughter Chef Sara Jenkins. She has contributed to most of the important national magazines and newspapers, including Food + Wine, Saveur, Eating Well, Bon Appetit, the Washington Post, and many others. Formerly on staff with the New York Times food section, she was publications director of the American Institute of Wine & Food and a founding director of Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust.