Invite cinematography masters into your home

Jun 8, 2020 - Jun 12, 2020

Levels: Advanced, Master,
Workshop Fee: $295 (Full Week) Classes available individually $65
Class Size: open enrollment - online format

A film director relies on the director of photography to create a unique and appropriate visual look for the story. Over the course of this week, you’ll hear from a series of renowned, award-winning cinematographers, who will discuss their work, and share the many challenges and successes they have experienced in achieving these looks. 

There will be screenings, demonstrations, and discussions. Topics covered include the use of lighting design, art direction, and scene coverage. Scenes from influential mainstream and independent films are screened and analyzed. The theory and motivation behind specific aesthetics, scene coverage, lighting, lens selection, and camera movement are explored.

This class will be held in an online format. Each day you will hear from a different Master Cinematographer.

Class Times (EDT)

Monday: 1pm-3:30pm with Steven Fierberg, ASC

Tuesday: 7pm-9:30pm with Matthew Libatique, ASC

Wednesday: 7pm-9:30pm with Igor Martinović

Thursday: 7pm-9:30pm with Jonathan Freeman, ASC

Friday: 7pm-9:30pm with Rachel Morrison, ASC


*Classes may also be taken individually, follow links above

In addition to being offered on an individual basis, these workshops are also Week 4 of the 4-Week Online Cinematography Lecture Series.

Image credit: Aidan Bliss

Faculty for the Week:


Steven Fierberg, ASC

Steven Fierberg, ASC, is an award-winning cinematographer and director, receiving an ASC Award for Best Cinematography and a Latin Grammy.

In 2019, he completed shooting the Golden Globe-winning series The Affair, directing two episodes. He did additional photography on Patty Jenson’s upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 and shot the first season of Darren Star’s new series, Emily in Paris.

A native of Detroit, Fierberg escaped to Stanford University as a National Merit Scholar. He spent his senior year in England in an exchange program with Oxford, studying British drama, film and photography. He then plunged into New York’s underworld of graffiti art and punk noir films, working with Paul Morrissey, Scott and Beth B, and Paul Bartel. At the same time, he apprenticed for Los Angeles cinematographers Adam Greenberg and Dean Cundey.

Matthew Libatique, ASC

A two-time Oscar nominee and one of the most celebrated cinematographers working today, Matthew has collaborated with director Darren Aronofsky on six films: BLACK SWAN, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, PI, THE FOUNTAIN, NOAH, and MOTHER! His other credits include A STAR IS BORN, IRON MAN, IRON MAN 2, BIRDS OF PREY: AND THE FANTABULOUS LIBERATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN, NATIVE SON, VENOM, RUBY SPARKS, COWBOYS & ALIENS, INSIDE MAN, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, PELE: BIRTH OF A LEGEND, CHI-RAQ, TIGERLAND, TUPAC: LIVE AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES, and EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED. He is currently working on THE PROM, directed by Ryan Murphy.

He has shot music videos for Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, The Cure, Moby, Lou Reed and Metallica, and many others.

Igor Martinović

An award-winning Director of Photography, Igor’s work spans feature films, episodic television, documentary features, and commercials. A two-time Emmy nominee and winner of an ASC award, his credits include HOUSE OF CARDS (Emmy nomination), HBO’s THE NIGHT OF (ASC award), HBO’s new series THE OUTSIDER, Errol Morris’s Netflix mini-series WORMWOOD, the Oscar-winning documentary feature MAN ON WIRE about tightrope walker Philippe Petit (which also won the BAFTA for Best British Film as well as the Sundance Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award for 2008), KEITH RICHARDS: UNDER THE INFLUENCE, the Oscar-nominated documentary WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE? (for which he was also nominated for an Emmy), WALLANDER, NURSE JACKIE, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S HIGH HOPES, FREELANCERS starring Robert DeNiro, the upcoming feature LOST GIRLS, and Errol Morris’s documentary feature AMERICAN DHARMA.

Igor made his directorial debut in 2020 with an episode of HBO’s THE OUTSIDER.

He has also shot commercials for brands like Porsche, Coach, and E-Trade.

Jonathan Freeman, ASC

Jonathan is a three-time Emmy winner and five-time ASC Award winner, most recently celebrated for his work on numerous episodes of GAME OF THRONES and BOARDWALK EMPIRE. His other television credits include the new Apple+ series DEFENDING JACOB, the historical drama ROME, the Steven Spielberg-produced miniseries TAKEN, and the pilots for RAY DONOVAN, SONS OF ANARCHY, and DAMAGES.

His feature film credits include 5 FLIGHTS UP starring Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton, REMEMBER ME starring Robert Pattinson, the thriller FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING starring Ben Kingsley, THE EDGE OF LOVE starring Keira Knightley, the crime drama HOLLYWOODLAND starring Ben Affleck, and THE PRIZE WINNER OF DEFIANCE, OHIO, starring Julianne Moore.

He has also done commercials for Subaru, Geico, NFL, Sprint, Progressive and many others.

Rachel Morrison, ASC

Cinematographer Rachel Morrison, ASC works at the forefront of cinema, channeling each story’s core emotion into arresting imagery. Her work has a haunting quality at times, and a beautiful elegance at others. For her work on Mudbound, in 2018, she became the first woman to be nominated for a Best Cinematography Oscar and for Best Feature Film by the American Society of Cinematographers. Additionally, she is the first woman to have lensed a Marvel superhero movie, the box office hit Black Panther. She has been nominated for two Emmys and earned the New York Film Critic’s Circle award for Best Cinematography.