Learn the craft to shape your story and anticipate what footage you’ll need in the edit room

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NOTE: This class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom platform

The path to shooting and editing better documentary stories is often rooted in coming to a deeper, AND concrete, understanding of The Craft. This is an intensive case-study based class that will delve into specific shooting and editing choices, and how they arise out of fundamental questions we must ask ourselves all day, every day.  From choices over character and structure, to what shot we take and what edit we make, all derive from a specific knowledge of The Craft and how it can guide us. This is essential if you’re going to be able to successfully shape the footage in the edit room. 

Likewise, Immersive Storytelling is not about “imposing” ourselves on the story in front of us, but nor can we fail to ask important questions about who we are and why we are making the film (including clients needs!).  

This class is about concrete tools for finding the story in front of us, the story inside of us, and the synergy between them.

Thriving discussion is encouraged, facilitated, and woven throughout the course experience.  The class is intensive, but also created as a supportive place to grow; students are encouraged, though not required, to bring their work to share. 

Based on preliminary conversations, your instructor will work to meet you where you are. Those who have a specific project in progress are welcome to work on it outside of class, and it will be woven into the class to be workshopped as a case study.

Class meets 10am-6pm ET

Image Credit: Christine Moriello, Header:  ©Deedie Steele

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Instructor: Dana Rae Warren

Dana Rae Warren is a filmmaker, teacher, and consultant with 25 years in the national television documentary and independent film worlds. She enjoys and has developed particular expertise shaping stories in the edit room. Her work includes: Producer Writer on the Peabody Award-winning and twice Emmy-nominated Turner Broadcasting series Moon Shot; Producer Writer Director on multiple episodes for the PBS NOVA Science Now series, including profiles on MacArthur Awardee Edith Widder and National Medal of Science Awardee Lonnie Thompson, as well as on animal intelligence and on the link between exploring space and the deep sea; ongoing award-winning public service such as the tobacco-free campaign, Quit For Your Kids; and Great Expectations, an education series, which aired on The Sundance Channel, won an Emmy and was invited to present at Austin’s SXSW Education Conference.