Unlock the potential of your ideas and elevate your images beyond the everyday capture.

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Photography has never been a more democratic art form, this is a time when anyone can be a photographer and everyone has access to a camera – so what is it that sets your work apart? In this hands-on, energetic and intensive workshop, students will learn to apply an editorial and creative approach to their process. Unlocking the potential of their ideas and using production to elevate their images far beyond the everyday layman capture.

Madeleine Morlet, a London-based editorial photographer and film/video producer, will inspire students to introduce more thought, art direction, and production value into their work – creating a distinctive style and setting their images apart from the competition. Students are encouraged to bring various perspectives and genres to this class. Equally, students will be encouraged to explore perspectives and genres outside their comfort zones through daily shoots and fieldwork. Their backdrop? The beautiful, varied landscapes and unique quality of light that only Maine can offer.

In addition to this fieldwork, Morlet will discuss compositional tools and best practices for efficient editing and post processing. Key to applying an editorial approach to photography is having an understanding of production and process from ideation to completion. Via lectures and practical application, we will cover all aspects necessary to build these skills; pre-production, referencing, casting, location scouting, lighting, editing, delivery. With a refresher of camera basics for any student who would benefit. Students will also review portfolios of other successful editorial photographers working today.

In our daily critiques, lectures and tailored assignments, students will develop a new body of work, or hone an existing one. This workshop is designed to challenge expectations, encourage experimentation and develop each individual’s unique style. Issues of composition, lighting and presentation are discussed as each students works to refine a visual language that best serves his or her vision.

Students will leave the week confident in their ability to create photographs that have greater formal, personal and universal resonance. They will be prepared to start or continue their person projects and establish their own unique visual language in their work. Students are encouraged to use the class as a jumping off point for a long term project, to learn to love their process and to let their images shine through. Learn to apply an editorial approach to any genre of photography.

All image credit ©Madeleine Morlet

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Instructor: Madeleine Morlet

Madeleine Morlet is an American-British photographer based in London. She is known for cinematic images rich in narrative and intimate in tone. Morlet was educated at the London Film School and King's College London, her background in Filmmaking, Classics and English Literature was formative in her interest in storytelling structures. Morlet is an award-winning photographer, she was selected as one of the "100 Most Talented Artists" by PhotoVogue Global Open Call in 2022, and her photography publication The Quarry was reviewed by Guggenheim Winner Odette England and is sold out on Photo-Eye. Morlet has recently been awarded the Maine Arts Commission for the second time, she was also shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and the Lucie Foundation Fine Art Scholarship. In the past few years, Morlet has been awarded the 14th Pollus Award, an honourable mention in the Julia Cameron Margaret Awards, and participated in the Ellis-Beauguard Foundation Studio Residency amongst other notable achievements.