Capture the perfect portrait on set with the set photographer for Dune and King Richard.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to study with a celebrated set photographer! Join Chiabella James for a guide to capturing portraiture on a film set for use in publicity and marketing for campaigns. Take an in depth look at what makes great key art and how to accomplish the right kind of portraits in the atmosphere of a film set, from framing and lighting to etiquette and approach. 

What you should bring: 

  • a DSLR or mirrorless camera with lens
  • 2-3 portraits or movie posters you’re inspired by
  • 2-3 images of your own work for review and comparison

What Chiabella will to cover:

  1. What promotional portraiture is and how it functions for Film/TV 
  2. How a set works and how to capture the necessary portraits in that environment including how to work with light, actors, crew and usingonly what’s available to you. 
  3. The details of what makes a great portrait to sell a movie
  4. Shooting portraits and posters both on set and in an off-set makeshift studio.
  5. Post production and editing
  6. Relationships with filmmakers and studio publicity departments
  7. Individual portfolio review

We will go out of the ‘classroom’ and get you to photograph each other and strangers (if possible) in ‘unplanned’ environments, so you can learn approach and creating photography on your feet. We will also experiment with light reflectors.


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Instructor: Chiabella James

Born in London and raised between England and the United States, Chiabella lives and works in both countries. As the daughter of a unit stills photographer, she grew up learning the craft under his guidance, spending summers working with him on film sets like Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and Minority Report. Her most recently published photography includes that of Dune and King Richard. Chiabella has just completed production on The Flash while also shooting editorials and pursuing her own photographic series' including a current book project inspired by the Covid 19 pandemic and cultural unrest it brought to surface in the last year that will be sold to raise funds for mental health.