Boost your competence and confidence, learn create ready to publish food posts.

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Explore your interest in food and food blogging in this two-day workshop by taking a deep dive into photo and writing skills that will enhance your posts.  Whether you’re using an iPhone or a top-ranked DSLR, you’ll boost your competence and confidence by learning to style and shoot food in ways that will draw attention to compelling blog stories. With Sally and Sheryl’s professional guidance, you’ll use local ingredients to highlight your stories and create posts that are ready to publish.


Photo Credit: Sally Pasley Vargas

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Instructor: Sheryl Julian

Sheryl Julian is the former Food Editor of The Boston Globe. She trained at the Cordon Bleu schools in London and Paris and was deputy director of L'Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris, a bilingual cooking school. She writes about food, styles and photographs recipes, reviews restaurants, and teaches food writing in the Gastronomy Program at Boston University.

Instructor: Sally Pasley Vargas

Sally Pasley Vargas has had a long career as both writer and photographer, working closely with the Boston Globe’s food pages and the website She is the author of Food for Friends, The Tao of Cooking, and the Cranberry Cookbook.