Creating from the traumatic, the dramatic and the everyday.

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NOTE: This class will be held in an online format using the Zoom Platform. 
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Focus on transforming personal experience into meaningful work. Explore your own life for idea generation with questions such as how can you make work that engages people who are not necessarily drawn to your subject matter? How can you tell if your work resonates beyond your own personal experience and response to it? Any photographic format from traditional film, video, digital and appropriation will be welcome. The emphasis of this workshop will be on the development and execution of ideas and refinement of vision. You’ll be encouraged to take creative risks and to be open to giving and receiving critical feedback.

Through looking at artists and specific works, you’ll be exposed to different methods for expression of experiences. You’ll explore how certain forms of expression lend themselves to certain ideas and how humor, pathos, lyricism, drama and subtlety can all transform experiences and create meaningful and resonate work. You are welcome to bring work in progress, near completion or nascent ideas.

The workshop schedule is listed below. You’ll be given concentrated time focused on your personal goals. The emphasis will be on creating an intensive personal workshop experience where you are encouraged, supported and pushed. By the end of the workshop you’ll leave with a strong direction and understanding of where to begin or advanced their work to another level.

Class Schedule (Times EDT)

7PM-9PM – Introductions.

9AM-10:30 – Intro and slide lecture.
11-1 Students introduce themselves with images and a story.
2-5 Individual meetings to brainstorm and outline ideas and process.
5PM Fika

9AM-10:30 – Present ideas and 5-10 images from the previous day.
10:30 to 12 Slide Lecture
1-5pm Independent work and open channel
5PM  Fika

9AM-10:30: Everyone presents 5-10 images from the previous day.
10:30 to 12 Slide Lecture Artists for Inspiration
Independent work (no open channel)
5PM Fika

9AM-10:30: Class Critique
10:30 to 12 Slide Lecture on presentation format and objects
1-5 Independent work and open channel
5PM Fika

9AM: Individual meetings to discuss final presentation
2-5PM: Class Critique of Final Presentation and final Fika.

Fika: Each day will end with a short group meeting where participants are encouraged to bring a drink and/or a snack and tell a short story.

SHS Varsity Soccer, Viktor’s Senior Year © Betsy Schneider

All photo credit © Betsy Schneider


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Instructor: Betsy Schneider

Betsy Schneider is a photographer and filmmaker who explores and documents transformations of individuals and families over time and place. To Be Thirteen, photographs and videos of 250 13-year-olds from across the US work done on a Guggenheim Fellowship, has recently been published as a book by Radius and is the subject of a solo exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum.