Guided by an accomplished editor (HBO, Netflix) learn how to create tension and deliver thrills to an audience

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NOTE: This Course will be held in a live, online format
Class meets 10:30am-1:30pm ET

From “Psycho” Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

What, when and how to give information is one of the most important aspects of storytelling in the Suspense/Thriller genre.  Learn how to build tension and emotion using visual and sound elements to create powerful moments.

In this three hour session we will analyze the characteristics of Suspense/Thriller as a genre and review examples of representative scenes. The instructor will share his methodology to build these scenes in the editing room and give examples from his own work.

Students will leave with an understanding of the unique challenges of how to create powerful scenes that captivate and emotionally engage viewers. The session will end with a Q & A session where the students will have the opportunity to discuss the dynamics of cutting for this genre.

What we’ll cover

  1. Characteristics of the Suspense/Thriller genre
  2. Review representative scenes of the genre in films and series, including examples from the instructor’s own work.
  3. Editing Suspense/Thriller:
    • What to tell? When to tell it? How to tell it?
    • What does the audience need to know?
    • The essential tools of sound and music
    • The instructor’s approach in the editing room
  4. Q&A

In addition to being offered on an individual basis, this course is also part of the 4-Session – Editing For Genre Series

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Instructor: Luis Zerón

Luis Zerón has edited series for Netflix and HBO, feature films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.  Based in Mexico City, he is a member of the AMAE (Spanish association of editors). 
Most recently, Luis was Lead Editor for the Netflix series “Oscuro Deseo (Dark Desire)” which premiered in 2020.  He has also worked as Lead Editor and Editor on projects like “Yankee” (2019) produced by Netflix and Argos, “Ingobernable 2” (2018) produced by Netflix and Argos, “El Chapo” (2017, seasons 1 and 2) for Netflix and Story House, and “Sr. Ávila” (2016, seasons 2 and 3), an International Emmy® Award-winner produced by HBO and Lemon Films.
His feature film work includes “Restos” (2012), directed by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, “Puebla Sinfonía Inaudible” (2010), a feature documentary directed by Juan Manuel Barreda, and “The Marching Quixotes” (2016), a feature documentary directed by Florencia Davidzon.
Luis has edited commercials and corporate films for leading brands like Coors Light, Nintendo, JW Marriot, and Tecate, as well as music videos for artists like the popular Mexican group Moenia. 
He has also worked in the editorial department of series and films including “Map of the Sounds of Tokyo” (2009) directed by Isabel Coixet, an official selection at the Cannes International Film Festival, “Sobre Ella” (2013) directed by Mauricio T Valle, “Volando Bajo” (2013) directed by Beto Gómez, “After Darkness” (2018) directed by Batan Silva, and “La Sagrada Familia” (2009) a series produced by Mediapro Barcelona and TV3 Catalunya. 
He has a Master of Fine Arts in Media Arts from Maine Media College, a Masters degree in Film Editing from ESCAC Barcelona, and a BA in Communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico. He also teaches editing at Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City.