The Arnold Newman Master Lecture Series

Every year, Maine Media is proud to present the The Arnold Newman Master Lecture Series at the Rockport Opera House. Every Monday and Tuesday evening during the summer season, incredible artists who are teaching at MMW that week share their their work, perspectives, wisdom, and inspirations with our midcoast community. The lectures are each captured by our summer Media Producers, and viewable here in the Members Area.

We would like to thank Bangor Savings Bank for sponsoring the 2018 lecture series and making these transformative evenings possible.

Featured Lectures:


Presidential Inaugural Richard Blanco and landscape photographer Jacob Hessler on their recent collaborative book project, “Boundaries” (Two Ponds Press, 2017), an investigation into visible and invisible boundaries of race, gender, class, and ethnicity, among many others. They speak about the book itself, as well as the process of their collaboration.


Portrait Photographer and Maine Media PCVS alum, Matt Cosby discusses his work and career


Brenton Hamilton is Chair of the Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling program at Maine Media College. Equally talented as a historian, teacher, and artist, he specializes in historic photographic processes, teaching much beloved classes in B&W Craft,  Historic Processes, and the History of Photography.



Documentary Filmmaker and Detroit Free Press Video Journalist, Brian Kaufman, holds a screening for his film “Fire Photo -> 1”. The film tells the story of Bill Eisner, am unassuming photographer who’s spent his long career documenting firefighters at work in Detroit, a city that has burned more than any other in America.










Brenton Hamilton – Master Series Lecture – Summer 2018






Richard Blanco – Master Series Lecture – Summer 2016

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