Welcome to the MMW+C Members Area. Thank you for being a contributing member to our organization, your generosity helps allow us to do what we do. With your membership you receive access to Private Content: Interviews & Lectures from our renowned Photography and Film faculty, as well as special informative videos and other content.

Faculty Talks

Every Summer at the Rockport Opera House, Maine Media hosts a series of weekly artist lectures, readings and screenings presented by our world-renowned faculty. Each of these events is recorded and uploaded to our site, where members are given full access to this wide array of talks, full of valuable discussion and insight from these amazing Photographers, Filmmakers, Writers, and more!

Faculty Interviews

Each season we sit down with various members of our Program faculty to talk with them about their work, their philosophy, and how they got to where they are today. These short interviews provide an intimate look into the craft of each of these artists, as well as the unique experiences they've had working at high levels in their respective fields, and stories about the challenges and the joys in pursuing their passions professionally.

Tips & Tricks

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Header Image: Tom Lascell