Refine your vision.

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Refining a body of work can be a long-term project. Unifying aesthetics such as point of view, treatment and presentation all demand attention.

We will explore the Craft of Raw Image Development and editing for critical digital development/editing strategies and refining a look and feel. Our goal will be to help you define an aesthetic for your work and to identify and assist you with the technical processes to achieve your personal sense of beauty.

As we are also in an age where photographs in book form can dramatically accelerate the success and buy-in on a body of work, we will explore Print on Demand prep and execution. The empowerment that can come from having a “book” in hand is hard to overemphasize.

Portfolios are another critical component of photographic presentation. We will explore portfolio production including box design, Artist Statements and editions.

Field trips include mini-project development, putting into practice some of the discussions covered during the week.

All image credit ©Stephen Johnson

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Instructor: Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson is a landscape photographer, author, designer and educator. He has been photographing since 1973. His work has been featured in Communication Arts, Life Magazine, American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, PBS Newshour and ABC Discovery News, among many others. His books include At Mono Lake, the award winning and critically acclaimed The Great Central Valley: California’s Heartland, Making a Digital Book and the new Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography. Internationally recognized as a digital photography pioneer, Johnson's photographs have been exhibited, published and collected in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Japan. His work has concentrated on large environmentally sensitive photograph projects, including the NEA funded and Congressionally honored At Mono Lake, and the award winning Great Central Valley Project. Canon named Steve as one of their Explorers of Light in 2006 and sponsors speaking engagements with him around the country. In 2007 X-Rite named Stephen as a founding member of their exclusive Coloratti group of photographers and educators honored for their skills in color management.