Re-imagine landscape and travel photography. Unleash your artistic voice and learn the art of storytelling.

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This workshop is not about gear, software or editing. Instead, it takes up residence at the intersection of “inner game meets outer world”; that sweet spot where we harness the creative force to create from our one, true soul’s voice. It’s about the story you want to tell.  It’s about the way you want to feel: Awestruck, creative, wrapped up in nature as it whispers possibilities to you; inviting to reach further than you ever have before. This is creativity on a whole new level. 

Sure it’s about landscapes… but even more, it’s about walking away from an experience with an all-inclusive storybook of your adventure. 

Each morning begins with reviews of the previous day’s photos followed by a short presentation of that day’s focus and theme, before we head out for a day of shooting.

Each day’s shoot builds skills with exercises incorporating the concepts of creative focus, specificity, making strong choices, using motion, shapes, depth of field, negative & positive space, abstracts, contrasts, aspect ratios, series, macro, perspectives & point of view in delightful and unexpected ways.  

Students will be encouraged to push the envelope, break patterns, learn to think, see and execute in exciting new and highly signature ways. 


The days are designed to build upon the previous one. Subjects include:

  • Inner Preparation – A tried ‘n true process to FOCUS yourself when everything conspires to distract you. 
  • Culture… the people, activities, food of the region. 
  • Landscapes
  • Intimate Landscapes
  • Creating a visual narrative of your entire experience, from intimate, personal scenes to the grand landscape. 
  • Lens choice &r conveying emotion
  • The Landscape of Awe in your art, with its unique effects upon the brain, cognitive function and the ways it enhances your ability to see in expanded ways, 
  • How to work with – not fight – both outer conditions and your own expectations.
  • Presentations: Each participant shares their story of the week. Don’t worry; the entire week provides a warm, welcoming, safe environment; presentations are no exception. After a week spent exploring new visions and taking photographic risks; sharing the story is the ultimate gift to oneself and to one another. It’s about connecting with and sharing your heart through your images, while allowing us to applaud and revel in your journey. 

You don’t need to be a pro or super experienced. You DO need an open mind, an adventurer’s spirit and the camera/tripod you’re most comfortable with.

Bring: a tripod, layers and a laptop for image processing, editing and photo organization/presentations

All Images:  ©Karen Hutton

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Instructor: Karen Hutton

Karen Hutton is an international landscape and travel photographer. Through stunning imagery, humor, thought-provoking ideas and a genuinely positive outlook, she inspires people to discover their artistic voice in photography — while making it all feel like an unforgettable and eye-opening adventure. She has been featured internationally by Fujifilm, presented at Photographer Talks at Google, leads photography retreats in the U.S. and Europe, created popular online courses for Kelbyone, has been translated into multiple languages and speaks all over the country about photography and inspiration.