Produce a suite of prints that speak to the spirit of your work.

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The contemporary practice of photography has become relatively antiseptic by comparison to its history. In analogue times a process was initiated with the creation of a negative that would be brought into the darkroom and refined in incremental interpretations until a “final” print was achieved. This steady evolution of capture to print has been replaced by an almost instantaneous completion. The capture is made and because of the remarkable state of technology it is deemed “good to go” and shared, posted and or printed in a blink of the eye.

The product of this process is good. It speaks to the efficacy of the materials. Yet it lacks something crucial that would elevate it from good to great. It lacks you!

This workshop is about putting the photographer into the print. It challenges students to consider their wishes for an image and whether the print statement serves that intent. The week will begin with an assessment of each student’s goals for the workshop. We will spend the first two days in the field gathering images and editing toward the goal of producing a suite of prints that speak to the spirit of each student’s work.

We will then consider all of the elements that enter into the making of en expressive print. The truth of Ansel Adams stellar quote “the negative is the score, the print is the performance” is never more true. The quotidian digital image will become something more as we finesse each piece to a discovered completion. . All technical possibilities to further creative intention are considered, color, B&W, local and overall contrast, burning & dodging and scale. Expect to push limits, both personal and technical, so as to develop an expanded sense of a print’s potential.

This is a workshop about discovery, possibility and expression.

All image credit ©Craig Stevens


Past student work: (clockwise): Gano Haine (x2), Gerald Zaffuts (x2),Tom Sperduto (x2), Deedie Steele (x2)

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Instructor: Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens is a photographer, printmaker and educator. He has taught, written and lectured extensively on the subjects of art and education and is Professor Emeritus of Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design, and has been teaching at Maine Media since 1974!

In 2013 Craig was awarded the first annual Susan Carr Educator Award from ASMP (American Society of Media Professionals) at the PDN Awards in New York.