Guided by Nancy LeVine, develop your photography skills while learning to take compelling dog photographs.

Sep 2, 2024 - Sep 6, 2024

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate,
Workshop Fee: $1495
Workshop Duration: 1-week (Monday-Friday)
Workshop Location: On-campus
Class Size: 10

Dog coming down the stairs - Nancy LeVine

Guided by Nancy LeVine, the photographer of two popular books devoted to the subject of dogs, this workshop will focus on creating compelling photographs of dogs. Dogs are excellent photographic subjects, being so varied in not only how they look and express themselves but in all the different environments that they inhabit.

With an array of dogs available for us to photograph in varied locations during the workshop, as photographers we will be ever on the alert for those perfect unself-conscious moments that transcends superficiality and artifice. We will not start from the position of negotiating our subjects into places or poses but observe what is already there, untainted by any superimposed convention. As photographers, our observations will continue to deepen and our photographs will build complexity as the ‘DOG’ infuses the landscape with expression and body language. Dogs as subject have a very long history in the art world and we will work to define how we can contribute to this visual representation.

Champ Butte County South Dakota - Nancy LeVine

Curley Kanab, Utah Best Friends Animal Society - By Nancy LeVine

During our week together, I will introduce images from photographers and painters where dogs have a significant place. Each day our dog subjects will provide us with unique challenges and opportunities to observe and photograph. With dogs filled with energy, you will learn ways to capture those fleeting moments. For those dogs that like to quietly observe, this will give you opportunities to create powerful portraits with consideration of lighting and where you place yourself with the camera.

Red New Haven, Connecticut - Nancy LeVine

dogonpost 50 - By Nancy LeVine

During the week, this class will have a unique opportunity to visit a dog rescue organization. With so many dogs available to photograph, it will give you an opportunity to work on your portrait skills and focus on many different personalities. The hope is to donate our favorite images to the rescue organization for their website and social media and to help more dogs find their forever home.

In addition, this workshop will address the question, “How do I make better photographs of my dog?” Perhaps you would like to see a photograph of your dog go viral on social media?

We will spend time in class critiquing the photographs we create and learning how to refine the way we see. This workshop is a way into learning more about your photographic style for any subject matter you choose to explore in the future. 

Dog Photography books - by Nancy LeVine
Instructor Nancy LeVine’s book ‘Senior Dogs Across America’ has been featured on The Today Show,, The New  York Times LENS Blog, The Huffington Post, Boston Globe, BBC, Feature Shoot,  Lens Culture, and numerous other media around the world.

Course requirements

Students should work with a mirrorless or DSLR camera with 2 lens lengths (standard and telephoto). Students should bring laptops and an external hard drive. Personal transportation is recommended.

Note: While Maine Media is an animal-loving place, our campus policy does not allow dogs in any food service area, under the dining tents, or in any campus residence building (unless a service dog) due to potential occupant allergies. Thank you!

Gussy Sue Laurel, Montana - Nancy LeVine

Ratzoe Vashon Island, Washington - By Nancy LeVine

See more of Nancy’s work

Website: and Instagram: @senior_dogs_across_america & @the_human_tableau.

All images copyright Nancy LeVine.

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Instructor: Nancy LeVine

Nancy LeVine is an award-winning photographer who has traveled worldwide on a variety of assignments. Her ‘Senior Dogs Across America’ (Schiffer  Publishing, 2016) has been featured on The Today Show,, The New  York Times LENS Blog, The Huffington Post, Boston Globe, BBC, Feature Shoot,  Lens Culture, and numerous other media around the world. A solo show of this work opened at the Houston Center for Photography. Nancy’s dog photography was selected for the book Really Good DOG Photography (Hoxton Mini Press/  Penguin, 2017). This anthology features the best dog photography in the world.  Her assignment resume is extensive and it includes Seattle Children’s Hospital,  Starbucks, Microsoft, and PBS. The first phase of her career was focused on fashion and personalities in New York and Paris. Her work has appeared in numerous publications such as L’Officiel de la Couture (Paris), Vogue, and The  New York Times. LeVine’s first book ‘A Dog’s Book of Truths’ was published in  2002. Her photographs have been presented in gallery shows in New York,  Seattle, Houston, and Los Angeles. The New Britain Museum of American Art collects her work. Nancy completed her Master of Arts degree at NYU/ICP. She currently works on assignment in Seattle, New York, and wherever her assignments take her. Her photographic portrait project ‘Art: The Moving Thread’  is a photographic portrait series of nationally recognized women in the arts who are all connected by the Thread. LeVine created a historical photographic record of 88 households in Beacon, New York during the initial Covid lockdown called  ‘Beacon in Quarantine’.