Realize your artistic vision in mastering the secrets of creating digital fine prints.

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NOTE: This Course will be held in an Online Format using the Zoom Platform.

In this online course, students will learn a workflow for creating fine digital prints. The workflow includes digital capture, establishing an artistic intent, digital processing in Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom, printing on an inkjet printer, and handling the finished print. Digital processing and printing topics include maximizing image quality at capture, color management, sharpening and noise reduction, black & white printing, proofing, matching screen and print, and making local and global edits to color and tonality.

We also discuss the qualities and characteristics of a fine print, the many options for inks and papers available to today’s printers, and how best to produce a print to realize an artistic vision, including choosing the best paper for a particular project. Throughout the course, we will work through images as a class by making a print, evaluating the print, making modifications, and ultimately producing a final print.

Because of the remote nature of the class, students should have their own computer, printer, paper, and ink in order to receive the full benefit of the class.

Workshop schedule (Eastern Time):


9am-10:15am – Lecture: Intros, Overview, and Discussion of Class Goals
10:30am-12pm – Lecture: Basics of digital printing
12-1pm – Lunch break
1-2pm – Lecture: Making a print
2-5pm – Independent printing and one-on-one sessions

9am-10:15am – Lecture: Printing workflow
10:30am-12pm – Lecture: Color Management
12-1pm – Lunch break
1-2pm – Lecture: Profiling your display and monitor/print differences
2-5pm – Independent printing and one-on-one sessions


9am-10:15am Lecture: Resizing and Output sharpening
10:30am-12pm – Lecture: Paper Choice and Considerations
12-1pm – Lunch break
1-2pm – Lecture: Print studio setup and diagnosing problems
2-5pm – Independent printing and one-on-one sessions


9am – 10:15am Lecture: Gamut and Rendering Intent; Softproofing
10:30am-12pm – Lecture: Evaluating the print
12-1pm – lunch break
1-2pm – Lecture: Image Interpretation and Editing
2-5pm – Independent printing and one-on-one sessions


9am- 12pm Lecture: Examples of Editing for Print
12-1pm – lunch break
1-2pm – Lecture: Print Presentation and Portfolios
2-4pm – Independent printing and one-on-one sessions
4-5pm – Closing Remarks and Discussion

All images:  ©Jim Nickelson

Past student work: Charles Leverett, Penny Linn, Edward McCranie, Sherwood Samet


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Instructor: Jim Nickelson

Jim works full time as a fine art photographer, custom digital printer, and teacher. He is also the author of Fine Art Inkjet Printing published by Rocky Nook in 2017. Jim has received numerous awards, including being honored as Artist-in-Residence at Acadia National Park and Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona. Jim has also exhibited widely, including in museums or galleries such as the Boston Athenaeum, Photo Resource Center at Boston University, Danforth Museum of Art (Framingham, MA), Camerawork Gallery (Portland, OR), Center for Maine Contemporary Art (Rockport, ME), University of Maine Museum of Art (Bangor, ME), Michener Art Museum (Doyletown, PA), Bates College Museum of Art (Lewiston, ME), Three Columns Gallery at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), Soho Photo Gallery (NYC), University of Wyoming Art Museum (Laramie, WY), 555 Gallery (Boston, MA), Davis Orton Gallery (Hudson, NY), Center for Photographic Art (Carmel, CA), Preston Contemporary Art Center (Mesilla, NM), Spiva Center for the Arts (Joplin, MO), Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO), Kingman Gallery (Deer Isle, ME), Coconino Center for the Arts (Flagstaff, AZ), Gallery Photographica (San Francisco, CA), Carver  Hill Gallery (Rockland, ME), and Silvermine Guild Galleries (New Canaan, CT).