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Meets via Zoom once per month or by appointment starting in May, June, July, Aug, and culminates in the Book Arts studio Aug 22-26.

Creating a book or letterpress project is a hierarchy of developmental steps. Starting with a strong concept, the process weaves the maker through print production and design challenges as well as creative considerations. Over a period of 4 months, we will walk through these choices and end up face to face, but socially distanced, in the Maine Media studio where you can execute you plan. This is your opportunity to take a concept from start to end…or at least to print with binding to be completed later if needed.

Starting in May, participants will meet with Book Arts chair, Richard Reitz Smith via Zoom to introduce your projects to each other and develop an appropriate path forward for a successful book arts or print project. Collaborations are welcome and encouraged for larger scale projects.

The Charles Altschul Book Arts Studio at Maine Media is equipped with a Vandercook Universal III Letterpress that can accommodate a paper size of 18” x 27”, a Vandercook Universal I Letterpress that can accommodate a paper size of 15” x 24”, a Kelsey tabletop press that can accommodate a paper or board size of 8.5” x 11. Note: live print area is smaller. Recently, we added a Charles Brand etching press that prints 15” x 30”.

We have a photopolymer plate maker, a board shear, a guillotine, a nipping press, sewing frames and a book press. With these tools, you can create a wide range of work.

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Instructor: Richard Reitz Smith

Richard Reitz Smith is the Book Arts Program Chair and Studio Manager at Maine Media. He is an artist trained as a graphic designer and excels in marrying traditional techniques with modern technology in the pursuit of all forms of book arts and letterpress printing.