Make eye-catching images with creative techniques for photographing water.

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Make eye catching images of water that convey its beauty, serenity, power and mystery while exploring the rocky shoreline and inland waterways Mid Coast Maine. Experiment with creative techniques for capturing action, the passage of time, reflections and abstractions, and learn to shoot in different light and weather conditions. Explore a variety of coastal and freshwater environments from tidal pools, rocky shores and quiet harbors to salt marshes, rippling brooks and mountain lakes.

All image credit © Lee Anne White



Past student work (left to right): Anne Leese, Kate Kirby, Leslie Inman, Arlene Novich

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Instructor: Lee Anne White

Lee Anne White is a landscape and botanical photographer whose work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows, including 30 works on permanent display at Brenau University. She is the author and principal photographer of ten books, including Closer to Nature: The Alluring Landscapes of Simmonds & Associates, The Mutable Sea, Patio & Pathway Ideas That Work, Backyard Idea Book and Water Garden Idea Book, as well as the editor and contributing photographer to many others. She is the former editor in chief of Fine Gardening magazine and has photographed more than 75 features for magazines such as Fine Gardening, Organic Gardening, Landscape Architecture, Garden Design, Kitchen Garden, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Gardens, Country Living and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. She earned a master’s degree in creative studies at SUNY/Buffalo State and a bachelor’s degree in journalism, broadcasting and commercial art at Brenau University.