Translate your interior narratives and passions into concrete photographs.

Jun 16, 2019 - Jun 22, 2019

Levels: Intermediate, Advanced, Master,
Workshop Fee: $1,195
Class Size: 14

Learn how photography can help you make sense of your world and reveal personal patterns. We will cover strategies for using your emotions and experiences as a basis for a compelling photographic journey. The most important item in your toolkit is your unique point of view. This class will show you how to translate your interior narratives and passions into concrete photographs, focusing on subject matter, composition, lighting and editing.

We are here to look for the beginning of the story. You don’t have to know the end. Writing exercises will help us discover the unanswered questions about your life that already exist. We will experiment and develop strategies for each student on how best to shoot individual projects.

Once we have potential stories and subject matter in place, we will explore how camera and lighting tools and techniques factor into the process. Daily shooting exercises and morning reviews will help shape your practice. Class critiques and edits will delve into the always tricky balance between intention and execution. We will also learn to be open to the accidental magic that happens when shooting with purpose and instinct.

We all have a story to tell. No one else has loved the people we have loved, hurt the way that we have hurt, or found meaning in the same things that bring us joy daily. Our ordinary lives are endlessly fascinating to other people. This class will help you show your journey in a visual format that will also unearth your own strengths and patterns as a photographer.

Students should bring laptops and flash drives or external hard drives.

All photo credit © Jennifer McClure



Past student work (clockwise): Nancy Crute, Ana Leal, Roger Raepple, William Arden

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Instructor: Jennifer McClure

Jennifer McClure is a fine art and documentary photographer based in New York City. She was awarded CENTER's Editor's Choice by Susan White of Vanity Fair in 2013 and has been exhibited in numerous shows across the country. She has lectured at Fotofusion, School of Visual Arts, PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo and Columbia Teacher's College, and her work has been featured in publications such as Lenscratch, Feature Shoot, L'Oeil de la Photographie, The Photo Review, Dwell, Adbusters, and PDN.