Learn to make images that are provocative, enigmatic and lyrical. Learn to inspire a psychological and visceral response from your viewer.

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Note: This workshop will be held in a live, online format utilizing the Zoom platform.
Class meets for 5 Wednesdays, 1-3pm ET.

Les Lynton with bees on his face
Photos by Holly Lynton.

Guided by photographer Holly Lynton, in this workshop, you will learn to delve deeper into the process of photography. By integrating research and preparation into your image making, students will find new ways to create photographs that go beyond the image’s surface and reveal a deeper understanding of the enigmatic, lyrical world beyond. In studying your own work and process – and integrating Holly’s image making techniques – you will build a toolkit of skills that will carry your work forward to construct more nuanced photographic narratives.

Man covered in Mayflies

The learning process will be centered around creating a storytelling project through a combination of in-class development and fieldwork. As a class, you will explore what it means to be a visual storyteller today, and through your research, consider how one may ethically approach their image making. You will receive feedback from your instructor and peers on your current work, as well as photographs made during the workshop.

Holly Lynton - Bare Handed_52_beidler forest

Most importantly, you will leave the workshop with a new perspective on the image-making process and a new set of techniques to craft compelling photographic narratives.

Holly Lynton - Bare Handed_02_Peterson Top Haystack Holly Lynton - Bare Handed_11_Miss Sandra Holly Lynton - Bare Handed_05_Fairest

Images: ©Holly Lynton

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Instructor: Holly Lynton

Holly Lynton was born in Boulder, Colorado and was raised both there and in New York City. Her photographs focus on understanding rural communities in the United States through their agricultural history, current industry, and ritual. The images she creates underscore the importance of having unmediated experiences with the natural world. In a new project, she examines the intersection of faith, history, and the environment.