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NOTE: This class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform
Class Meets Mon/Wed/Fri  1-4pm ET

Explore the basics and push the boundaries of paper weaving as you weave straight and curved strips, add a warp, make shaped weavings and cut windows to reveal paper layers. Helen will show examples of her work and that of other artists for inspiration, and we will create two-dimensional weavings as well as structural paper weavings, such as cards, books and lanterns.

Supplies needed:

  • Paper: You will need a selection of text and light cover weight papers ranging from 8-1/2 x 11 up to 12” x 12” in size. I recommend a selection of decorative and plain papers. Regular copier paper is a good weight to start with, and you can gather some papers that are a bit lighter and a bit heavier. Bring found papers, like postcards and magazine pages, decorative papers, and photographs. You might want to photocopy your photos onto copier paper rather than using your originals (to spare your actual photos plus the paper might be too thick).

Also, Helen has arranged kits with Washi Art.

  • White Glue: I like to use PVA, which is archival and available from fine art supply stores and bookbinding suppliers, such as Colophon Book Arts Supply and Talas.
  • A Glue stick will work in some situations.
  • Flexible Plastic Material: you will need this for sure. You’ve probably seen the thin flexible kitchen cutting mats. I get these locally at Walmart. For those of you can’t find these or do not wish to purchase them, former participants have used pieces of milk cartons or yogurt containers. One placemat is plenty; you really only need about 1/4 of one.
  • Bamboo barbecue skewer – 6 – 12” and approx. 1/8” diameter (you only need one or two)
  • Scrap paper (copy paper, waxed paper, newsprint, etc.)


  • Pencil
  • Ruler (12-18″)
  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Eraser
  • Small (1/8 – 1/4”) glue brush
  • Compass (for drawing circles)
  • Blue masking tape (painter’s tape) or artist’s tape (that releases easily) for holding things in place while weaving


Some of the items below are listed in my Amazon shop for easy reference. Feel free to purchase there or source elsewhere. | (click on Helen’s Favorite Tools)

  • Double-sided tape (1/4” or ½”) you might prefer this to glue in some situations
  • Circle Cutter
  • Portable trimmer – for cutting strips
  • Rotary cutter
  • Wefty needle for pulling paper through slits
  • Tweezers

Images courtesy of Helen Hiebert

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Instructor: Helen Hiebert

Helen Hiebert is a Colorado artist who constructs installations, sculptures, films, artists’ books and works in paper using handmade paper as her primary medium. She teaches, lectures and exhibits her work internationally and online, and is the author of the several how-to books about papermaking and papercrafts, including Paper Illuminated. Helen has an extensive network of paper colleagues around the world and her interest in how things are made (from paper) keeps her up-to-date on current paper trends, which she writes about in her weekly blog called The Sunday Paper.