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This class will feature a reductive collaging technique as well as several joining, fastening, and sealing techniques.  But perhaps the most interesting focus will be on learning to imagine the two dimensional image in new contexts, and combining with complementary objects or ephemera in the sort of Joseph Cornell world. 

Classes will be held off-site at a studio in Rockland. Van ride is provided for anyone staying on MMW Campus. 

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Instructor: James Putnam Abbott

An active photographer still (experimenting with iPhoneography), James Putnam Abbott’s creative focus has shifted to three-dimensional work, utilizing wood, stone, wire, metals, wax and a variety of found objects, creating pieces for wall display, as well as for installations. With these media mixes, Abbott continues to develop new methods of displaying the images he has captured over four decades on film and in digital formats. Abbott holds his BA from Carleton College, his MS from City College of New York, and his JD from Cardozo Law School. His photographs and his mixed media sculptures have been displayed in gallery and museum venues nationally.