Create your unique vision and hone your photographic skills while exploring the world around you, using the street as your canvas.

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Note: This workshop will be held in a live, online format utilizing the Zoom platform.
Class meets Saturday Oct 7, (9am-4pm), Sunday Oct 8, (9am-12pm) & Saturday Oct 14, (9am-12pm), Sunday Oct 15, (9am-12pm). All times in ET.

Street photography can be approached both as art and documentary. Producing unique visual work while exploring the world around you can foster wonderful, exciting, and gratifying learning experiences.

India, Varanasi, The Ganges © 2006 Arlene Collins

This workshop will give you the photography essentials, tools, and insights in practical ways to master techniques, enhance your vision, and kick your images up a notch!

You will learn to:

  • Fine-tune your shooting techniques while developing your vision.
  • Create dynamic images using natural light and shadow for dramatic effect.
  • Graphically choose your subjects to build and strengthen a good composition within the frame.
  • Compose pictures with texture and mood that draw and direct the viewer’s eye.
  • Achieve a pro-quality natural look while lighting and shooting. environmental portraits with a small portable flash unit.
  • Work on a scene or location to create and tell a compelling visual story.
  • Gain confidence when photographing in the streets and interacting with people.
  • Master how to fully capture what you ‘see’ and elevate ordinary moments into visually appealing and expressive images.

Street photography opens you up to possibilities, encouraging you to explore and discover with your camera, responding spontaneously to perceptions of gestures and fleeting moments in your environment.

This workshop will make you feel more comfortable and confident in different shooting situations, and the insights and skills you learn will improve your photography overall.

Africa, West Africa, Mali, Djenne, 2012, Djenne street scenes ©Arlene Collins

All image credit © Arlene Collins

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Instructor: Arlene Collins

Arlene Collins specializes in documenting remote cultures and changing civilizations around the world. She currently produces and leads international photography workshops, consults privately with a number of clients, and lectures in the United States and abroad. She has created several long-term photography essays, including Boxing in New York City, Moscow, and Bangkok, and essays on the Rodeo in New Jersey and Voodoo in Western Africa. In 2018 she was the American curator of The Silk Road Photography Biennial in Tianshui, China, where she also exhibited her photographs from her travels along the Silk Road and she participated in a number of panels with international photographers. She has photographed in more than 65 international locations including North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and Chernobyl, Ukraine. In addition, Arlene has led intensive workshops to Armenia, Argentina, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, the Republic of Georgia, Greenland, Iran, India, Kamchatka in eastern Russia, Laos, Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Nunavik in the Canadian Arctic, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Tibet, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.