Arlene Collins specializes in documenting remote cultures and changing civilizations around the world. She currently produces and leads international photography workshops, consults privately with a number of clients, and lectures in the United States and abroad. 

Arlene studied with Lisette Model and is an Associate Professor at Parsons School of Design in New York City.  For 15 years she taught in the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Program at the International Center of Photography in New York City. 

In 2018 she was the American curator of The Silk Road Photography Biennial in Tianshui, China, where she also exhibited her photographs from her travels along the Silk Road and she participated in a number of panels with international photographers. 

Arlene has lectured in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma); in Havana, Cuba at the Fototeca Center; at the Istanbul Center of Photography in Turkey, and she has taught workshops at the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City; ROSPHOTO, the Russian State Center of Photography in St. Petersburg, Russia; at the Three Shadows Photography Center in Beijing, China; and in Lahore, Pakistan.

She has photographed in more than 65 international locations including North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and Chernobyl, Ukraine. In addition, Arlene has led intensive workshops to Armenia, Argentina, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, the Republic of Georgia, Greenland, Iran, India, Kamchatka in eastern Russia, Laos, Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Nunavik in the Canadian Arctic, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Tibet, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Arlene has created several long-term photography essays, including Boxing in New York City, Moscow, and Bangkok, and the Rodeo in New Jersey. She has documented Voodoo in Western Africa, a Bull Jumping Ceremony in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia, the abandoned sites of Pripyat and the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine, the abandoned submarine base at Bechevinka, Russian, and the Vogelsang Russian military base in Germany. As she continues her international travels, Arlene also adds to her ongoing photographic essay on “UNESCO-designated” World Heritage Sites. 

Arlene continues to travel and teach workshops around the world.

All images © Arlene Collins