5-Day intensive Master Class for photographers seeking new strategies to develop compelling, long-term photography projects.

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Are you just starting your photography project?

Perhaps you are nearing completion?

You may have an archive of material you wish to edit into a book or exhibition?

This workshop is designed to help you find solutions to these challenges and reach your goals.

Drawing on his 30-years of experience as a photographer, Louie Palu will share his specialized in-depth knowledge on successfully undertaking a long-term photography project from start to finish. Louie specializes in and is best known for his many award-winning projects including a five-year project on the Arctic with National Geographic.  Louie acquired significant funding for this endeavor, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Pulitzer Grant.  As are a result the work was featured as an art installation at the SXSW Festival.

As part of this workshop Louie will provide an in-depth lesson on grant writing and fund raising for your project.

Having been mentored by some of the world’s most recognized curators and photo editors, Palu has acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding the execution of long-form projects.  A core component of this workshop will include in-depth instruction on the editing and sequencing of images for books and exhibitions.  Topics related to exhibiting and publishing your work will be covered as well.

Regardless if you are working from home, within your own community, or making photographs abroad, Louie will provide you with valuable insight on how to successfully execute projects based in your personal sphere or out in-the-field.

This workshop will also cover instruction on basic audio and video techniques that might become a valuable component of any project.

Louie will provide consultations (optional) with each student before the workshop to advise on what material to bring to the workshop. He will follow up with individual meetings over the course of the class to provide a personalized portfolio review and development session.

All image credit ©Louie Palu/ZUMA Press

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Instructor: Louie Palu

Louie Palu is a photographer, filmmaker and artist whose work has examined social political issues, such as human rights, climate change and conflict for over 30-years.

He is a 2016 Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and was awarded the 2019 Arnold Newman Prize for New Directions In Portraiture for his photographic installation of frozen prints in ice blocks.

His work has examined topics such as the war in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, drug war in Mexico and changing geopolitics of the Arctic. His last four publications are deconstructed photo books, which deal with how narratives can be reshaped by changing the sequence of images including in his book Front Towards Enemy (2017, Yoffy Press).