Guided by April Milani, unlock a world of visual storytelling possibilities by harnessing the power of Lensbaby lenses. Explore innovative techniques to craft captivating and unique images that go beyond the ordinary.

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Note: This workshop will be held in a live, online format utilizing the Zoom platform.
Class meets Tuesdays, Jun 4, 11, 18 & 25 from 11:30am-1:30pm ET.

Are you ready to learn how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and bend your vision? If so, let creator extraordinaire April Milani be your guide in the comfort of your home in this online workshop. This opportunity promises to open your world to a wealth of inventive possibilities by tapping into your fertile mind and using the revolutionary selective focus tools made by Lensbaby.

Whether you have a Lensbaby or are thinking about getting one — you have found the right workshop. Grab that unopened box, take your dusty lens off the shelf, or invest in your future by purchasing a Lensbaby, and join April for an immersion into everything you need to get started as you learn to love your Lensbaby.

Lensbaby lenses intentionally introduce blur, distortion, and selective focus to create distinctive and often dreamy or surreal results.

This technical as well as inspirational program is your opportunity to explore the world of unique lenses to transform your photography. April breaks down the fundamentals of photographing with Lensbaby lenses; including tilting, shifting, bending, twisting, sweet spots, slice of focus, blur, and bokeh; giving you a technical foundation to become a master of selective focus. And once you know the rules, it’s then time to break them and enter into the magical kingdom of creative Lensbaby imagery.

Take a giant leap forward in your creative photography by incorporating Lensbaby into your universe and let April be your mentor and champion. This workshop is perfect for the first-time as well as the experienced Lensbaby user and empowers all to produce creative imagery with the natural, organic optical effects that only come from this unique equipment.

Note: Participants should know how to shoot in Manual Mode.

The instructor will email and provide specific Lensbaby info and suggestions prior to the course start date. If you don’t have a Lensbaby, you can start with any lens that has a Manual focus option.

What is a Lensbaby?

A Lensbaby lens is a type of creative and artistic photography lens that allows photographers to achieve unique and unconventional visual effects in their images. Unlike traditional lenses that aim for sharpness and clarity, Lensbaby lenses intentionally introduce blur, distortion, and selective focus to create distinctive and often dreamy or surreal results.

These lenses feature a flexible design that allows the photographer to manipulate the focus area by physically bending the lens or adjusting its optics. This enables photographers to create a “sweet spot” of focus surrounded by gradually increasing blur or distortion, drawing attention to specific subjects within the frame.

Lensbaby lenses are known for their experimental and creative nature, making them popular among photographers who want to add a touch of artistic flair to their work. They come in various models, each offering its own set of creative possibilities and effects. Learn more about Lensbaby lenses.

Example work by instructor April Milani using a Lensbaby:


All images copyright April Milani.

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Instructor: April Milani

April is a retired military wife and homeschooling mom of two wild boys. April is not afraid to go out and try something new, even if she fails. She’s still won because she didn’t let fear stop her. April is human; she makes mistakes; she is perfectly imperfect; she is saved by grace. Her saying this year is, “Don’t feed the fears.”

As with almost everything else that touches her life, April is rarely satisfied with only taking on hobbies and doing things for fun. She can’t learn just the basics of something and move on, April has to fully immerse herself and know the art form inside and out. So after the spark of photography was re-ignited, April studied and completed the photography course offered at the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). Since then she has gone off on so many rabbit trails, April never knows what path she will take next. All of the trails she goes down have their own set of artistic challenges, some more than others. April’s life journey, and the lessons she learns along the way, are what continually draw her in. It is the not knowing what there is to see that takes April down the next trail.