April Milani Profile PictureApril is a retired military wife and homeschooling mom of two wild boys. April is not afraid to go out and try something new, even if she fails. She’s still won because she didn’t let fear stop her. April is human; she makes mistakes; she is perfectly imperfect; she is saved by grace. Her saying this year is, “Don’t feed the fears.”

As with almost everything else that touches her life, April is rarely satisfied with only taking on hobbies and doing things for fun. She can’t learn just the basics of something and move on, April has to fully immerse herself and know the art form inside and out. So after the spark of photography was re-ignited, April studied and completed the photography course offered at the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). Since then she has gone off on so many rabbit trails, April never knows what path she will take next. All of the trails she goes down have their own set of artistic challenges, some more than others. April’s life journey, and the lessons she learns along the way, are what continually draw her in. It is the not knowing what there is to see that takes April down the next trail.