Discover basic strategies for making images and working as a photojournalist.

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Note: This class be held online using the Zoom platform. 

This workshop provides an introduction to photojournalism. Through photo assignments and critiques, students will learn to look critically at images, make photographs that are both creative and rich in content, and produce a photo story through the editing and sequencing of images. The workshop will touch on the historic role of photography through the essential work of photographers like Dorothea Lange and Gordon Parks, but will focus on the process of creating a lasting photograph.

The class will have the following schedule (Rough outline)

Monday 27th– class will start at 10am -12pm EST, then head out to shoot
Tuesday 28th– class will start at 10am EST for a couple hours, then head out to shoot.  Samantha will hold 1:1 appointment meetings with each student 
Wednesday 29th– class will start at 10am, for at least several hours if not well into the afternoon to review and discuss projects in progress
Thursday 30th– students will be shooting all day and Samantha will hold 1:1 appointment meetings with each student 
Friday 31st– class will start at 10am EST and meet all day to edit and sequence each project

All images:  ©Samantha Appleton

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Instructor: Samantha Appleton

Samantha Appleton is a photographer and 2019 Nieman Fellow at Harvard. Her work combines art and history to interpret the complicated components of large news stories. She has covered many of the most tumultuous, man-made events of the 21st Century. Primary stories have included conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, social issues in Africa, and immigration issues in the US. She was an official White House photographer for the Obama administration 2009-2012. Appleton co-founded the photo agency Noor Images to promote projects in support of human rights and social justice. She has won numerous awards including Pictures of the Year, World Press Master Class, American Photography and Camera Arts.