Learn to make your own papers!

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This workshop will cover basic methods of papermaking; preparing cotton pulp, beating the fiber, dispersing the pulp and techniques for capturing the pulp in the mould and then drying and care of the paper. Although we will not be making pulp from scratch, we will discuss how you can collect plant fibers to create a variety of papers at home or in future classes.

This workshop is not only for the people who are already working closely with paper but also for any levels of people who have interests in how paper is made and who are willing to have more knowledge about paper in general.

This will be a wet environment, please dress appropriately.

Header Image credit: Ivan Gromov

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Instructor: Richard Reitz Smith

Richard Reitz Smith is the Book Arts Program Chair and Studio Manager at Maine Media. He is an artist trained as a graphic designer and excels in marrying traditional techniques with modern technology in the pursuit of all forms of book arts and letterpress printing.