Report the facts, create the scene.

Sep 20, 2020 - Sep 26, 2020

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate,
Workshop Fee: $1095
Class Size: 12

Being a writer has many definitions, connotations, and iterations. Maybe you’ve ‘always written’, been a keeper of diaries, journals, field notes, or even made the occasional dip into poetry. Maybe you’ve been a reporter for a newspaper, a podcast, for television, a documentary, and you’re comfortable putting pen to paper, or tapping keys on the computer to put together a piece of ‘writing’. But you feel the need or desire to jump your writing up a notch, to add a creative touch, to make it more moving, more dramatic, even transformational, more ‘you’.  You want to work with real-life experience, work in a creative literary form, expand your audience, as well as experience the possibility of discovering more of your own identity. Explore writing essays lyrically and view it through the the nonfiction lens.

Creative nonfiction is an accepted established new genre, experiencing a surge of popularity, in the writing world. It grew out of creative biography, autobiography, opinion writing, personal essays, memoir, diaries, personal research, lyrical essays, and alternative experimental forms including the traditional narrative structure. Increasingly, creative nonfiction is filling the shelves of bookstores in various reading formats, and in electronic time-based media. 

Plug into this workshop to reinforce and expand on your journalistic artistry by interweaving creative writing into your technique. Explore the possibilities of discovering your compositional identity and a fresh approach to your writing.


Image Credit: Max Bovkun

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Instructor: Mimi Edmunds

Mimi Edmunds has worked in non-fiction storytelling for three decades. Her experience spans broadcast journalism, including CBS, 60 Minutes, PBS, Discovery Network, and independent production. She worked as a broadcast journalist with CBS for 15 years, including eleven at 60 Minutes, and at CBS's documentary unit, she then worked at PBS, the Discovery Network, in Maryland, Washington, and Arizona. Her films have won Emmy nominations and Cable awards. She currently works on independent productions. She has taught at the Workshops every summer since 1986, including workshops in Oaxaca, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. Several of her films have won awards for cinematography and production. She also wrote and produced for PBS' newsmagazine ARIZONA ILLUSTRATED from 1999 until 2002. She has taught documentary filmmaking and broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Emerson, and internationally. She is on Maine Media's MFA Committee.