Develop new pedagogy and techniques for teaching filmmaking at your school or college.

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The art and craft of teaching filmmaking are constantly evolving as the medium and technology change. At the same time, the number of students looking for an education in film and video production is increasing dramatically, so many schools are stepping up their programs. This workshop is for high school, college, middle school, and gifted & talented educators, department chairs, and others who are teaching filmmaking or are about to launch new courses.

In the mornings we’ll share ideas and experiences as film teachers, including curricula, lesson plans, project ideas, gear, software, and classroom/lab setup. We’ll share our best practices and lessons for teaching camera work, lighting, sound, editing, and other filmmaking techniques. We’ll discuss narrative and documentary forms, media trends, and new possibilities for higher-quality student work as better gear becomes less expensive. We’ll share ways to encourage and critique creative work and manage our own education as teachers and artists. We’ll discuss budgets, equipment, and classroom/lab setup, and review textbooks, online resources, and training videos.

In the afternoons we’ll discuss and use a variety of video and DSLR camera systems and lenses, lighting and audio gear, pre-production and post-production software, and other production tools. Participants will form teams to make a short piece for the Friday night screening, to hone the skills we hope to pass on to our students and to experience and refine an exercise we might assign to them.


“I had the most memorable educational experience of my life!” – Stephanie Chevalier

“This class is perfect for anyone who would like to start a filmmaking class at their school or improve upon a class they already teach.” – Mark Chevalier

Please note: An hour-long training session on Set Etiquette and Safety will be required of anyone registered for a workshop that involves production. Students only need to participate in this session once during their time on campus.

Image Credit: Amanda Piela,  Header Image:  Aidan Bliss

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Instructor: Anna Graham

Anna Graham is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and teacher based out of Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently an Instructor at Suffolk University and a Teaching Assistant at Harvard University, where she works with classes at a variety of skill levels, ranging in subject from traditional documentary filmmaking to 16mm filmmaking, iPhone filmmaking, and film editing. She also actively freelances as a camera operator, editor, producer, and sound recordist, working on films such as Julie Mallozzi’s Circle Up (2017) and Lucia Small’s Girl Talk (work in progress). Anna is currently working on a 16mm film documentary investigating the history of mental illness in the United States by researching and filming its former State Hospitals.