Immerse yourself in learning to shoot adventure sports athletes.

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Spend the week on the coast of Maine learning to shoot, frame, and edit, while capturing outside adventure sports. Learn to work with athletes who put themselves at risk and explore innovative ways to capture the intensity of each sport while safely producing your own film.

Each day, students find themselves filming in new locations, reviewing and critiquing their exciting footage.   We’ll work with a variety of cameras and camera stabilization and support systems used to capture the smoothest of visuals.

Topics covered during the week include pre-production, framing, equipment selection and use.

We’ll discuss shooting techniques for various extreme sports, and how to keep yourself and the athletes safe, while also getting the shot. We will work hands-on with various professional cinema cameras, lenses, and rigs, utilizing them to help us capture the most impactful visuals of the athletes we are working with.

We’ll explore the process of editing extreme sports films, and cut together the footage we shoot during the week to screen at the final Friday showcase of student work. 

Image Credits:  Carter Moorse, Owen Weaver

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