Establish and execute your creative vision and translate the image onto a fine art paper.

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The path from the initial spark of inspiration to a successful print is fundamentally a creative one. It entails asking two important questions; what exactly are you photographing and why? Or more broadly, what do you want to say and why do you want to share it with others?

Exploring these questions makes everything you do more purposeful and provides clarity to the really important decisions both technical and creative. And it’s only when you control the workflow with a purpose that true communication becomes possible.

This workshop is all about establishing and executing your creative vision, whether behind the camera in the field, developing and interpreting the image on-screen, or translating the image onto a fine art paper.

I’ll share and help you develop what I believe are the most important factors to a successful print: strong composition, creative interpretation, understanding what makes a good print, and selecting a paper that complements your vision.

We’ll spend our mornings out in the field photographing the beautiful landscapes of coastal Maine, followed by afternoons in the lab critiquing, developing, and printing images for a total immersive experience.

In each area, we’ll explore and apply concepts such as:

  • Identifying a creative approach
  • The language of visual design
  • Essential compositional elements
  • Fundamentals of camera technique
  • Working with light
  • Creative developing in Lightroom
  • Establishing your final vision for the print
  • Basics of color management and printing
  • The print workflow
  • Matching paper to vision.

My goal is not to emphasize formulas and techniques, but rather to provide a thorough understanding of core principles you can use to improve and develop your photographic potential indefinitely. It focuses on using the art and craft of photography to help you share your way of seeing the world.

“Concentrate on equipment and you’ll take technically good photographs.  Concentrate on seeing the light’s magic colors and your images will stir the soul.” -Jack Dykinga

All image credit ©Robert Rodriguez Jr.

This workshop is sponsored by Canson Infinity

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Instructor: Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Robert’s photography has been widely exhibited and his images have appeared in many publications, including the New York Times. His work is featured extensively by Scenic Hudson, a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation in the Hudson Valley region of the US. A respected educator and speaker, Robert writes about all aspects of photography and creativity, and regularly leads photography and printing workshops and seminars. He has written three books: "Insights Into the Art & Craft of Landscape Photography", "Digital Fine Art Printing Field Guide", and "Insights From the Creative Path." Robert is also a Canson Infinity ambassador, a select group of hand-picked international artists that uphold and exemplify the Canson heritage of paper making since 1557.