Discover new possibilities as you explore different genres of photography.

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Note: This Course will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform.
The April class meets on 5 Thursdays, Apr 4, 11, 18, 25 & May 2 from 11am-2pm ET.

By Anna LaBenz
By Anna LaBenz
By Anna LaBenz

This course will broaden your visual interests and add a new intensity to your work. Inspiration and knowledge are derived from lectures that examine the work of major photographers in specific fields, providing a context for each day’s work.

Discussions cover photographic history, theory, and technical concerns. Students will be expected to spend time in the field on specific assignments, each designed to awaken your eye and strengthen your ability to deal effectively with new subject matter in a meaningful and personal way.

By Anna LaBenz
By Anna LaBenz
By Anna LaBenz
By Anna LaBenz

Class session two will begin with a review and critique of the previous week’s photographs. Lectures and discussions present new ideas and explore the way other photographers have handled specific subject matter.

Subjects covered during the workshop:

  • Spaces – We will visually investigate personal space: capturing the corner of a room, photographing a farmyard, the details of a backyard, or porch.
  • The Landscape – We will work with rural and urban landscapes, photographing seascapes and horizons to create three-dimensionality.
  • Objects – We will search for the identity within an object, as defined by its space and surroundings.
  • The Portrait – We will explore ways to photograph people: friends, strangers, groups of people, as well as self-portraiture.
  • The Emotional Photograph – We will attempt to produce a single, complex photograph, which expresses an emotion or idea.

Students may also wish to take the advanced version of this course, Exploring Photographic Styles II.

Header Image: ©Anna LaBenz.

Past student testimonials

This experience gave me exactly the structure and guidance I needed to start thinking again about more intentional photography in general while opening up new avenues for exploration. Who knew I would love The Object? Who knew I could even think about a portrait or self-portrait? With this group of creative souls, I felt safe and encouraged to boldly go where I had never been before! Thank you for that, each of you. I learned a lot from you all, and loved seeing, and being inspired by your work and learning with you.” – Past Student

This class far more than lives up to its name of ‘exploring photographic styles’ it is more about inhabiting them!” – Ashira Malka

I finished the week literally seeing the world—and what I want to show others with my photographs differently.“ – Judith Donath

Past student work

Left to right: Michael Jeans (x2), Dick Tranfaglia (x2), John Regan (x2), Madison Olds (x2)

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Instructor: Anna LaBenz

Anna LaBenz is a working artist who makes her home in beautiful Northern Arizona. Her work is rooted in the legacy of early memories. She is curious about the human experience and that which ties us all together.

Anna works on creating art that echoes the rawness of our humanity in a space that illuminates the tenderness of being. Anna’s studio practice includes photography, bookmaking, installations, as well as paper and image manipulation.

Anna received her MFA from Maine Media College in 2016 and her work has been displayed in exhibitions throughout the United States.