Join Richard Renaldi for an immersive experience where you'll explore the complexities of self-expression through portraiture, engaging in practical exercises and discussions to refine your skills and deepen your understanding of the craft.

Jul 29, 2024 - Aug 2, 2024

Levels: Intermediate, Advanced,
Workshop Fee: $1495
Workshop Duration: 1-week (Monday-Friday)
Workshop Location: On-campus
Class Size: 12

M-HollyAZ2004 - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi

This workshop will place a strong emphasis on the making of photographic portraits with a focus on environmental portraits and self-portraiture. Students will create imagery that will focus on themselves and the circumferences of people around them including (when possible) colleagues, family, friends, and strangers. We will cover the construction and aesthetics of what makes an engaging portrait; including background, lighting, directing, and casting. We will also explore the figure/ground relationship, the use of creative perspectives, and the decisive acuity required for spontaneous portraiture. The workshop’s main objective is to provide students with a technical and conceptual fluency that they may apply within their own practice.

M-Timothy_Danny2010PA - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi
13cc1 - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi
P_Caleb_DSC9955KY - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi

Students will be encouraged to break through their own internal boundaries and those between themselves and their subjects as they work throughout the week. There will be an emphasis on exploring broad issues regarding self-representation, especially relating to intimacy, psychology, identity, and sensuality. Participants will also be required to engage with the world outside of their comfort zone and create portraits through interactions with strangers with an eye towards addressing difficult themes, emotional content, and imbalances in the world.

078 - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi
103 - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi
M-Anna-Scranton2019PA-2 - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi

We begin with a discussion of students’ portfolios, during which each student receives personalized feedback and exercises for improvement. We study and discuss the precedent of successful portrait and self-portrait photographers, deconstructing varied examples to further our own work.  Students will be given an assignment in advance of the first day of class as well as daily portrait assignments that convey an original point of view. We will spend part of one class in the field making portraits at an agreed upon location. Students will also be required to create a small, strong portfolio of portraits made throughout the week, learn to edit and sequence that work, and finish with a final review on the last day of class. Students are encouraged to photograph digitally to allow ample time for review.

119 - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi
Valentina-Laredo2019TX - By Richard Renaldi
By Richard Renaldi

All images copyright Richard Renaldi.

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Instructor: Richard Renaldi

Richard Renaldi was born in Chicago in 1968. He received a BFA in photography from New York University in 1990. He is represented by Benrubi Gallery in New York and Robert Morat Galerie in Berlin. Five monographs of his work have been published, including Richard Renaldi: Figure and Ground (Aperture, 2006); Fall River Boys (Charles Lane Press, 2009); Touching Strangers (Aperture, 2014); Manhattan Sunday (Aperture, 2016); I Want Your Love (Super Labo, 2018). He was the recipient of a 2015 fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.