A Master Class in storytelling and creating a complete and compelling visual narrative.

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The workshop is for the photographer with a visual project who wishes to take their work from a collection of images to a complete and compelling visual narrative. In this workshop we will examine the elements of storytelling to offer you a clear, step-by-step approach to refining your storytelling skills, organizing your images, and editing your photographs into an exhibit, book, or publishable story.

During an instructive and inspirational week, Sarah Leen, award-winning Director of Photography, Emerita for National Geographic magazine, and Bill Marr, former creative director at National Geographic and former director of photography at The Nature Conservancy, will work with you and your projects to introduce you to a skill set essential for every photographer: the art of visual storytelling and photo editing. 

Sarah and Bill bring years of experience in managing and presenting long-form visual narratives, and together they will set you on a path to achieving your project’s goals. 

In a fun, collaborative and inspirational environment you will see presentations by the instructors, do editing exercises and then concentrate on organizing and editing your own projects learning from each other’s solutions and successes. 

This week is not about creating new images but about taking your storytelling projects to the next level.  

Let’s put to rest the old adage that photographers are their own worst editors by mastering the practical editing skills that take you further on your photographic journey and career.

Participants will need bring 50-60 small prints from their project, have a laptop with all of their project images and digital photo cataloging software.

All Images Courtesy of Bill Marr & Sarah Leen

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Instructor: Bill Marr

William Marr’s 40-year photography career reflects a dedication to visual content and its presentation in newspapers, books, exhibits, and magazines. His path has taken him from the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he worked in the 1980s, to National Geographic magazine, where as Creative Director for ten years he led the magazine’s transition into the digital space with an award-winning iPad app. Most recently, Bill served as Director of Photography for The Nature Conservancy. As freelance editor and designer, he has created annual reports, corporate collateral, books, and photo exhibits.

Instructor: Sarah Leen

Sarah Leen became the first female Director of Photography for National Geographic Partners Photography and Visual Media in 2013 leaving in 2019 to launch The Visual Thinking Collective for independent women visual editors, curators and teachers. For nearly 20 years she worked as a freelance photographer for the National Geographic magazine until 2004 when she joined the staff as a Senior Photo Editor.
Leen teaches photography and photo editing workshops at the Eddie Adams Workshop, Maine Media Workshops, Santa Fe Workshops, PhotoExpo Plus and the PhotoLux Festival in Lucca, Italy.

Leen was most recently the photo editor on the 2020 FotoEvidence Book Award recipient Habibi by Antonio Facciolongo and the National Geographic book Women: The National Geographic Image Collection. She is the primary photo editor for the VII Photo Agency’s visual series America, Again publishing on Medium and is always reviewing and mentoring numerous individual photographers on long term projects and contest and grant proposals.