Guided by accomplished film editor Luis Zeron (HBO, Netflix), learn how to edit TV series and deliver high-quality work in one of the most rapidly expanding area of the entertainment industry.

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Note: This class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform.
Class meets Saturdays, Feb 3-Apr 6 from 10am-1pm ET.

The video-on-demand industry is seeing enormous growth, creating an unprecedented demand for well-trained editors. Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Apple are just a few key players producing thousands of hours of streaming content for subscribers. Editorial teams must be prepared to deliver high-quality work to their clients. Job opportunities abound.

Your Instructor:

Luis Zeron profile pictureLuis Zerón has edited series for Netflix and HBO, feature films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.  Based in Mexico City, he is a member of the AMAE (Spanish Association of Editors). Luis is currently the Lead Editor for the Netflix series “Oscuro Deseo” and teaches film and TV editing to students from around the world. Learn more about Luis and his other upcoming editing workshops.

The Workshop

The class will involve lectures, group discussions, as well as one-on-one sessions to allow the instructor to react to student work. A series of editing exercises focus on the development of different abilities, in scenarios that reproduce the challenges an editor has when editing a series. 

Workshop Benefits:

  • Develop your skills as an editor to work at a top level.
  • Students will get a complete vision of the editorial work involved in editing a prime television series.
  • Learn the methodology and workflow for editing at the highest level for VOD platforms.
  • Explore how to develop your career as an editor.
  • Learn how to go from being an assistant editor to leading a project for Netflix or HBO.

Workshop highlights:

  • Work with different types of scenes: dialogue, action, montage, parallel editing.
  • Learn to analyze a script from an editor’s point of view.
  • Develop a story that is told through different episodes.
  • Learn a workflow that’s ready to be applied. And how to adapt it to different projects.
  • Discover the specific job of each of the team members of the editorial department. (Lead editor, editor, junior editor, assistant editor).
Luis Zeron editing workshop student
A Luis Zeron editing workshop student completing their exercises.

Workshop Content:

1. The Story
1.1 Script analysis (episodes)
1.2 Storyline (Seasons)
1.3 Character development.
1.4 Rethinking the script in the editing room: When? Why? Consequences?

2. The Editor’s Craft
2.1 Practice different types of scenes
2.1.1 Dialogue
2.1.2 Action
2.1.3 Montage
2.1.4 Parallel editing (intercutting two or more locations, times, and situations.)
2.2 Strategies for a first cut, new versions, and finishing an episode.
2.3 Working with the director, showrunner, and the client (Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Apple).

3. Workflow
3.1 Positions (Lead Editor, Senior Editor, Junior Editor, assistants, Post Coordinators).
3.2 Workflow (Editing dailies, episodes first cuts, interaction between positions).
3.3 Troubleshooting: what do I do if something is not working?
3.4 Communication between others in post (sound, color, VFX).

4. Professional Development
4.1 How to promote my work?
4.2 Tools to show my work (Reel, website, CV)
4.3 Platforms (IMDB, Vimeo, Youtube, Linkedin)
4.4 New dynamics (Remote work, talent agencies, work for companies in different countries)

Luis Zeron in the editing suite.
Instructor Luis Zeron in the editing suite.

General information:

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

What do I get at the end of the class?

  • Class Completion Certificate
  • Reel (with all the projects edited during the class)
  • Workflow guide ready to be applied in the next project.
  • First draft of tools for the promotion of your work (Website, Reel, CV).

The workshop is for: 

  • Film and visual arts students who want to focus their careers on editing.
  • Editors with professional experience who seek a career in the series industry.
  • Editors working on series who want to move to higher positions.
  • Post managers and coordinators who want to understand editorial work.
  • VOD companies (Netflix, HBO, Amazon), editing and post-production studios that want to establish a quality standard in their editorial teams. 


  • Experience in fiction or nonfiction editing at a good level (students or professionals)
  • Intermediate-to-advanced level skills in Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer.


Students must have Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer installed on their computer.

As students are more likely to have experience with Premiere Pro, most exercises will be taught using it.  But if you already have Avid Media Composer on your computer you can perform all class exercises on that platform.

Avid Media Composer is the most used editing software in the television series industry. Some lessons will be given in this platform, so the student can be ready to work in it and learn its workflow. Avid Media Composer also has a free version available here:

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].


A great value! This is truly a course where you have the feeling that you’ve learned and advanced in your knowledge as an editor.
-Juanjo Onofre from Barcelona, Catalunya.

The course helped me see the work of an editor in a global way and, at the same time, the importance of keeping an eye in every detail in the construction of a scene.
-Tiago Roberto Gil from São Paulo, Brasil.

“Finally through this course, I was able to understand in theory and practice what editing for fiction stories is like. Thanks to Luis Zerón for his constructive critique and the safe environment he created for the students to make us feel free to express ourselves artistically”
Luis Castillo, República Dominicana

Student Work:

“Overtime” edited by Tiago Roberto Gil. Footage provided by EditStock.

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Instructor: Luis Zerón

Luis Zerón has edited series for Netflix and HBO, feature films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. Based in Mexico City, he is a member of the AMAE (Spanish association of editors).

Most recently, Luis was Lead Editor for the Netflix global hit series "Triada" which premiered in 2023. He has also worked as Lead Editor and Editor on series like "Dark Desire" (2020-2022, Netflix), "Yankee" (2019, Netflix), "Ingobernable" (2018, Netflix), "El Chapo" (2017, Netflix), and "Sr. Ávila" (2016, HBO), an International Emmy Award-winner. He also recently worked on the feature documentary "Out of Reach: The Struggle of the American Dream" (Socially Distant Productions), which is currently in post-production.

He has a Master of Fine Arts in Media Arts from Maine Media College, a Masters degree in Film Editing from ESCAC Barcelona, and a BA in Communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla. He teaches editing workshops at Maine Media Workshops + College.