Learn the tools, techniques, and methodologies of editing and post-production.

Oct 21, 2024 - Oct 25, 2024

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate,
Workshop Fee: $1495
Workshop Duration: 1-week (Monday-Friday)
Workshop Location: On-campus
Class Size: 12

This hands-on workshop immerses students in the aesthetics, tools, and workflow involved in film editing and post-production. We will examine the essentials of the full process: from workflow and file management to cutting and the dynamics of storytelling. 

Through analysis of scenes, and exercises with provided footage, students explore how pacing, shot selection, and rhythm, can be used to create emotional impact and advance a story. The workshop examines how good editors approach their footage, and what actually makes a cut effective.

Editing workshop

Students will gain a strong understanding of the organizational workflow that is key to a successful editing process. We will examine how to properly set up a project, and keep media, assets, and project files organized throughout the post-production process.

Adobe Premiere has become the preferred software choice for many editors, and you will get a robust introduction to Premiere and its interface. Students will learn window layout and customization, folder structure, sequence creation, keyboard shortcuts, 3-point editing, trimming tools, and navigation within a project. The course will also cover building and fine-tuning a rough cut, working with audio and effects, creating titles and graphics, and exporting and sharing your projects. Students will take their first steps toward a solid technical understanding of the art and craft of color correction and grading. You will have open lab time to practice the techniques learned and to work with the instructor one-on-one.

We will explore the purposes of various post-production software, and how they work in conjunction with one another. Students will also examine various types of footage with different resolutions, frame rates, and codecs, and explore the processes and possibilities of working with each.

Students will finish the week fully ready to start working with footage in Adobe Premiere, and with a strong foundational understanding of the processes that go into a post-production workflow. The combination of hands-on experience and exploration of aesthetics will leave students with a new perspective on the art and craft of editing.

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Instructor: Alex Burnett

Alex Burnett is a New England-based filmmaker and editor who has worked within the worlds of narrative fiction, documentary, experimental cinema, and virtual reality. Having worked as an editor for National Geographic, the NFL, Colgate University, Vitec Group, and Schiempflüg NYC, he has experience with a vast range of companies and artists. His passion lies in creatively tackling the many challenges that come with telling stories through film.