Push your photographs to the next level.

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Take your photography to the next level by employing advanced camera and image processing techniques. You will learn to use HDR photography, panoramic images, focus stacking, and image retouching in both color and  black and white images.

Instruction and practice will include:

  • Camera controls for improved photography (Custom modes, live view, HDR settings, drive settings, white balance, etc.)
  • Optimizing exposure for creative control with high contrast subjects (HDR).
  • Producing panoramic photographs and increasing resolution.
  • Using focus stacking to increase depth of field.
  • Utilizing local adjustments in Lightroom for creative effects.
  • Employing profiles and presets for image processing.
  • Processing images in black and white.
  • Orientation to Adobe Photoshop.

Each session will begin with group instruction, followed by individual practice. This may consist of photographing subjects or using the computer and software to organize and adjust your images. There will be daily feedback sessions as well as support provided by a teaching assistant.

An introductory Digital Photography I course precedes this course and is recommended for beginners.

Header Image ©: Terry Abrams

Past Student work: Isabell Smith, Shari Bugieda, Christine Moriello, Fotis Filippou

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Instructor: Terry Abrams

Terry Abrams has been teaching photography since 1975, when he moved to Europe to establish photography programs for an American college. He lived overseas for 13 years, during which time he taught and travelled extensively throughout Europe. Since 1990, Terry has been teaching photography full-time at Washtenaw Community College and led the transition of that program from film and darkroom to digital media.